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Could do another adaptation of A Night To Remember Superman & Lois Ignored Calls For Diverse Martha & Jonathan Kent, Says Writer No distributor wants to make the show? Couldn't make Ghostbusters 3 earlier without Bill Murray Is Sera another Human planet? Could they do a Superman returning from a long absence movie and make it work? Some users on some film boards think no one will see this Titanic broke from the bottom up? They were now free to make another movie without Bill Murray in the lead Could've been a sex symbol Think Clark working at a Smallville newspaper would've a better post high school plan for him? Blake Jenner breaks silences on abuse accusations Breaks silences on abuse accusations Is this the same continuity as the movie? Think with Mars being a smaller planet than Earth would put some muscle on Quaid/Hauser Will this be partly streamed? How Matt did get through being tossed about four times? Superman with a mullet in the pilot In a different setting how would Cal react to finding out Rose is a fake fiancé? A large reason for it starring teens and taking place in a small town