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Differences from the book? New image of the kid busters in uniform First Look Does Clooney looks too noticeable in costume? On hold due to pandemic? The girl power angle was played up in the marketing Clark with a loose fringe/floppy hair and Superman with slick back hair Clark with a loose fringe/floppy hair and Superman with slick back hair Did Melissa McCarthy ruin it for you? Could have a suit similar to the CW Superman & Lois suit View all posts >


There's the other Titanic book by Walter Lord The Night Lives On. How can he be a victim when he seems like a whiny piece of crap? because he is crap. At some point after ranting on social media can't he just f off. Fantastic they have Bi Han and Hanzo battling to the death and showing them as enemies not henchmen for Tsung, some plot details maybe misinformation with Cole. One of the reason why people still blame Schumacher, anything Goldsman has written it's a movie or TV show people don't like, Discovery and Picard are Star Trek being raped. It's a curious boys thing Ghostbusters, the characters we know and love don't quite translate to women very well, some of the female cast feel like they're playing generic male types and it just feels awkward and clunky, which is true of many woke stuff where male characters don't quite translate to female characters. Most of the woke actresses are bland and boring or completely sexless which wouldn't appeal to any major demographic at all. Teenage cast it really doesn't matter it's the script that matters. Get a trailer in the coming months. The Ghostbusters 3 fans wanted needed to be made way back in the 90's otherwise a new movie wouldn't be a straight sequel, they waited so long to make another movie to the point where Ramis is no longer around and the other guys are too old. You know there's something about the original made back in the 80's where an all male team like John Carpenter's The Thing and Predator enhances everything Ghostbusters is going for, the fact the original was all men made it feel more natural but when you look at the all female cast it just feels forced like many woke stuff now, so there's thing's about the story of Ghostbusters that didn't call for an all female cast. View all replies >