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Vampire characters who wear the weird costume designs Is a black Superman an experiment to satisfy creativity? Black Superman likely to go south We can never ever get out of just solo Batman movies What if Daniel moved away from San Francisco after being found out Imagine a Philip K. Dick universe inspired TV series with Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report references Do a Romeo And Juliet set in the 19th Century Is this 19th Century or the time of Shakespeare? The mixed to negative receptions of MOS, BVS and JL killed all hopes of a second solo DCEU Superman movie SCHWARZENEGGER THREATENED TERMINATOR PRODUCER WITH GUN FOR SMILING View all posts >


A Matrix within a Matrix. Even Arnie said she was like a female Terminator. Like every movie after T2 Genisys is something that was made that's pointless. It's not like Die Hard 5 or Terminator Genisys where people are "No no you fucked it up" or something made that's pointless. At best they're loud nothing more. Melinda could be a fantasy image that ended up part of the dream loop that became of what it would seem like he's dreaming about every night like he vaguely remembers a previous loop. What I can gather from other sources the liquid metal has nanites. Other Terminator's like the TX and Rev 9 have an endoskeleton with liquid metal over skin, which are a step backwards to the T-1000 unless the TX is an earlier model. Half Asian like Dean Cain would be fine. The Batman is the only DC movie I'm salivating for because it's Batman, he's the coolest superhero, he has the best suit, the best villains and has all the cool gadgets. Affleck in The Flash is probably something made to think he's in it and bang they get ya he's erased from existence. The only reason we got DCEU because they wanted to capitalise on MCU. You see this with all Dracula adaptations adding some twist like making him a sympathetic monster, cause you see this all the time with movies based on a book or play and especially superhero movies, when they change something for the movie people think that the movie is how the source material is. View all replies >