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Some users on some film boards think no one will see this Titanic broke from the bottom up? They were now free to make another movie without Bill Murray in the lead Could've been a sex symbol Think Clark working at a Smallville newspaper would've a better post high school plan for him? Blake Jenner breaks silences on abuse accusations Breaks silences on abuse accusations Is this the same continuity as the movie? Think with Mars being a smaller planet than Earth would put some muscle on Quaid/Hauser Will this be partly streamed? View all posts >


How can Bono be so talented and so caring but seem like such a piece of crap? because he is crap. Since the Weinstein Effect and his on set behaviour out in the open I don't think anyone would wanna work with him now because he's creepy. Raped young boys. Like Psycho it would be unwatchable. A shot for shot remake is like adapting Shakespeare. Gal Gadot for Melina. Have an actor saying all the Arnold one liners with a normal american accent. Have other Rekall customers have similar dream scenarios. Both movies are similar being Arnold movies set in the future but the cogs Of The Running Man are like The Hunger Games where people are hunted to death on a game show while Total Recall is more like The Bourne Identity with a secret agent with memory loss is hunted by shadowy agents. They're now free to make Ghostbusters movies without him because he's an old man. The He-man audience wasn't that huge at the time. It was coming out a bit too late to capitalize on the cartoon's success, the cartoon ended two years before the film was made, by the time the film in production the toy sales had drop drastically, when the film came out the He-Man craze was ending. View all replies >