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Would be for 99% of viewers. I'd only recommend it to hardcore art house film fans. This is the problem though... before... tech and telecom companies were letting people steal from traditional movie and record companies... they didn't mind this because it wasn't their property. However, as companies merge, the tech companies are starting to own the content themselves. When it is their property and not someone else's... you will see they magically now know how to solve it. Always look at people's self interest... and you find the answers for most things. Yeah because Lynch, Fincher, Kevin Smith et al... have been forced to make tv shows. Don't take my word on this... let's see what happens. I'm not saying there won't always be something to watch... but the film industry has less admissions than in the past. Population has increased... but admissions are down or flat. The internet is the greatest advertising tool in human history and they've lost 20% of their audience. The box office has only sustained by doubling ticket prices. [url][/url] As you said, there is still too much to watch in a lifetime... but it is a proven fact that audiences are shrinking... and unless they figure out a way to stop it... content at some point will start to shrink as well. No, I specifically said if they destroy net neutrality... that's why half the internet is in an uproar, because if big companies can pay for faster streams... it will kill the pirate sites by making them slower. Look it up. Both industries are a shadow of what they were in terms of artistry. If all you care about is money... yes they have found ways to monetize artists like Taylor Swift and Beyonce, or turn the Star Wars and Marvel films into billion dollar juggernauts... but what I'm specifically discussing is independent films, and alternative artists. The kind of show that people say to themselves... you know what? I don't need to see that in the theater... I'll just bootleg it or wait for Netflix. There used to be so many exciting independent films... I'd say we see ten percent of what was there before. You haven't noticed the fractional Nielsen ratings that are less than 10% of what they were twenty years ago? Right now, TV is being sustained by a ponzi/pyramid scheme type structure that Netflix has used to gain new subscribers. Agree with you that the quality is amazing, but it's not super profitable or sustainable long term if you look at the financials. They started out by getting a sweet deal from dumb movie studios who gave them content for nothing, then have been using a rotating bait and switch technique with their content so we are all paying the same money for a fraction of the movies they started with. That's why they stopped using a rating system and use that weird recommended algorithm, so you can't see how many shows have disappeared. They have been financing their content by expanding into more and more markets, but once they finish, it will be hard to continue. When all the boomers and gen x'ers who pay for cable and legal subscriptions die off... it will be tough to keep funding shows. This is why they want to weaken net neutrality because pirate streams will be so much slower than legal streams, especially when 4k becomes the standard. They make a lot of money, but with way fewer films, and less admissions and higher ticket prices. If you pay 20 for IMAX vs. 10 for old school admission... you are generating double the money with the same number of people. Also, it is a few films making a billion dollars instead of a hundred films making a few million. Piracy doesn't hurt an Avengers or Star Wars film as much as it would a David Lynch or Wim Wenders type film. If all you like are blockbusters, then you probably won't notice any effect... but a lot of smaller directors with critical respect hardly work anymore. Piracy really killed serious film as an art form... during the era of home video, directors and producers could take chances with films, knowing if they lost money in the theater that they'd make it back on VHS or DVD. Now, projects only get greenlit if it's by a major director with a impeccable track record, or part of a franchise where they know the audience is guaranteed in advance. I'm not saying there won't be an occasional brilliant film that makes its way from the festival circuit, but they are going to be labor of loves where someone financially is taking a bath or write off just to get it made. I thought maybe we'd get a lot of great homemade films shot on phones or digital cameras because the cost was so much lower than film, but so far that hasn't materialized. I'm sure there are many factors other than this... but I'm fairly certain this is the main one. It was my favorite film the year it came out so I'd say 10/10 The Punisher and the serial killer series on Netflix are both good... forget what it was called because the name was generic sounding. View all replies >