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Continues the tradition of 1883 Hunnam's Australian accent AC3 Tatouine So, no one gonna deal with the fact... Missed out on sooo much So bad... So, basically... The ridiculous thing about this show... Monica View all posts >


You're kinda shouting into the wind, since most of these posts were transferred from IMdB and there are very few people who moved here. Fortunately for you, I'm the OP. :) So, no one here believed that Hollywood knew about 9/11. The fact that there are no original ideas in the world and that life imitates art, however... I like it so far. The only truly annoying things in the entire Yellowstone franchise, IMO, are Isabel May and the amount of dental and plastic surgery in 1883 and 1923 actresses (and Tim McGraw). I also expected this to be a one-off like 1883. But, I guess the franchise is picking up... I agree. She was hot, but, then, Lost ended and the surgery began I understand what you are saying and I gave you an answer. I mentioned the Hulk and Iron Man, but you had Hawkeye and Black Widow in an Iron Man movie, Dr Strange had a variety of superheroes in the rest of the wizards, No Way Home had 3 Spidermen and dr Strange, Thor movies had other gods... They're there, they just aren't what you, personally, want to see in the movies. Hulk was in Thor and Tony Stark in Spiderman I honestly saw this movie only once, when it came out. I remember it being an ok movie, but nothing pulled me to seeing it again, even 20 years later and it constantly running on cable. And, as I wrote this, I came to realize that that is the case with all of Cruise's movies. I saw an interview Johnny Depp did in the 90s and he talked about something Brando told him. Brando asked him how many movies he did a year. Depp said he did around 3 per year and Brando told him that that was too much, that he had a limited number of characters in him and that he should spread them out over the years. I think that is what is happening with the film industry. There are only so much stories in the world before you start to repeat them. I just love these random movie goofs.:D I just think that, when someone is that good, there isn't much to say. View all replies >