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So every rant against Captain Marvel was true That kid was AWFUL! Things season 2 taught me Crowley coming back? So... Chilling adventures of Mrs. Maisel Good god... Just didn't feel it (spoilers) I like the show, but... Assassins' creed with lasers View all posts >


I gave up on the show around s04. Started out amazing, but went downhill since s02 I've only seen the trailer, but I have a feeling Judy Davis did a better job. I stopped around season 9 and am now catching up with the show. Just watching season 13 and there are easter eggs for his departure all over it. It was very well filmed. The best part of the movie is photography and I imagine it looks better in a theater (I watched on my computer). But the movie itself kinda sucks. You'd probably need to watch the show for context Crap movies have their charm. We don't watch them to uplift ourselves, but to be entertained. I kinda liked it. And Waterworld. Corny, but fun He'd still have to register his business with the local authorities to get a permit. He might lose the space, but the business is still registered in his name. She tried to act like a tough guy, went a bit for the Terminator look and looked like a dick. The haircut was, simply, the icing on the cake. I don't give a flying f... I'm not from the US, your social issues are none of my problem. What I'm talking about is - imagine a man doing the same role, word for word. You'd be asking why they'd made the hero an ass hole. And now they even gave her "the haircut". Just google "butch" and you'll see what I'm talking about. View all replies >