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OK, let's get one thing straight: So every rant against Captain Marvel was true That kid was AWFUL! Things season 2 taught me Crowley coming back? So... Chilling adventures of Mrs. Maisel Good god... Just didn't feel it (spoilers) I like the show, but... View all posts >


Saw this and thought of you <link></link> And you should do research before complaining. Actually, the most likely dog to bite you is a labrador, and it can inflict as much damage as a pit bull. A Maltese can inflict serious injury to a child. The only thing you are focusing are fatal attacks. And in that, true, pit bulls are ahead of the rest. But you forget one simple thing - those dogs are, usually, trained to attack. If you treat your pit as a pet, you won't get a better dog. The main reason we don't recommend pits as pets is the unwillingness of the owner to properly raise them. They are energetic and playful and need to be taught control. That is why they aren't recommended to families with small children. Not because they'll bite, but they play rough. Although they also have a very strong nurturing instinct and will protect the kids with their lives. The most common mistake people make with dogs like pit bulls is taking one as a pet without having any experience with dogs. I've heard it described as "driving a Ferrari after just getting your licence". OK, let me put it to you in simple terms. I like to compare pits/"dangerous" breeds vs small dogs to men vs women drivers. It's like this - women make more mistakes, annoying, small accidents etc which you don't hear about. Men make less accidents, but, when they do, it's the "entire family killed" type of accident. Again, I'm saying it as a vet - bring me a pit over a yapper any time. Yappers are small, scared and vicious. Pits are strong, energetic and, true, not for everyone, but, generally, sweethearts. Pit bulls are actually very gentle and friendly dogs. You can expect more agression from a tiny, yappy thing like malteze, than a pit and I am speaking as a veterinarian. Well, he wasn't a really nice person and often did opposite of what he preached. So, if he didn't follow his own words, why should anyone else? Joel Kinnaman is the closest in appearance. So? GoT has the appearance of any fantasy TV show before it. Actually, GoT is a knock-off of this. Possibly. It survives right now, with him weaker than he used to be. But they'll probably have Amara replace him View all replies >