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Hannibal seems so brilliant.... Was Keanu wearing a wig? He looked like a middle-aged Severus Snape.... Ivar the Boneless...ever notice... All those old droids and props from the original trilogy.... While I understand the desire to give his daughter a big role Johnny's dream about Carmen.... Better slasher series than AHS84 The way it plays out with Negan and the Whisperers in the comics (Possible spoilers?) Was this on purpose? (SPOILERS) Is it me or did her rocket to stardom burn out because of those pictures? View all posts >


Only if she asked me to. She could hurt me bad. lol In the music video for 'Here I Go Again', the singer's IRL girlfriend, Tawney Kitaen was sprawling all over the hood of his muscle car.... Since they were having her do crazy stuff in his dream with that song playing, having her sprawl on his muscle car would've fit perfectly. Yep. Third Jawa from the left is gay as hell.... And the Jawa that broke the egg is totally trans. Some people can be involuntarily celibate. I have a relative who has been in a wheel chair most of his life, is paralyzed from the waist down and has very little muscle control above the waist. RE: Melanie Kinnaman... She may not have been nude, but her shirt was seriously see-thru during most of the last act.... I didn't get the point of it....He found exactly what they told him he'd find...George...taking a nap... The way they were acting, it was like Cliff was going to find something they'd have to kill him over.... My theory on this: People above a certain age did not have a constant supply of new shows to watch on TV/the internet. When those people watched shows in the afternoon or evenings during the week they were mostly watching reruns of old shows, stretching all the way back to the 3 Stooges and the Little Rascals.... And even though this wasn't the reason we in the older generations were watching, by watching the older shows, we just absorbed historical knowledge....How people interacted with each other, the clothes they wore, the tools they used, the family dynamics, etc. I was born a long time after milk and ice deliveries, but I knew about them from seeing them in old shows. Today, most young people have so much new content to entertain them, they never consider bothering watching older stuff, and as such, they miss out on that stuff.... Yeah, I was literally waiting for a gator to jump up and grab her at the end.... It felt like it had a bigger budget...different quality film used, etc.... I watched it too. As an old rennie, it gave me all sorts of nostalgia feels... View all replies >