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This series really needed a cohesive vision and good continuity.... So was anybody else assuming Jessica Chastain was playing Emma Frost? I have been a horror fan for over 45 years...and (spoiler) Was this kid doomed from the start? (spoiler) Pretty much the only two things I really liked in the finale... On season 4 episode 1...Whatever happened to... Was it just me or was the time travel stuff.... Something about her looks.... The first close-up walker from the season finale... they wander or not.... View all posts >


Supposedly they filmed a scene but edited it out.... The Wolverine has the hots for Jean thing came across as a bit creepy with Hugh Jackman hitting on Sophie Turner... Here....I'll save you the trouble so you don't have to watch needless plot development or anything like that. Flying kid drops lady from way high up then throws a plane at a house. The end. No need to thank me, glad I could save your obviously very valuable time.... I liked it. Yes it is...That's mistake...I was thinking he couldn't do anything special around her....Which begs the question why, when he was trying to get her to believe he was the devil, didn't he show off some crazy strength to her? Seems like in the book the stories of older dragons made them sound a lot bigger than the ones currently on the show... I'm just watching because after all this time I want to know who ends up on the stupid throne, and god knows George Martin is going to go tits up before he ever finishes the books. George also writes when he feels like it... If another project catches his interest, the next GoT book goes on the backburner. And they did say from the beginning that the plan was for George to have the new book finished by the time they finished adapting all the previous ones. And while, yes, it is the writers job to come up with good stuff, few TV writers are on par with writers like Martin. I found the scene when Wanda attacked Thanos to be a seriously "Kick-ass woman" scene. The group glamour shot, not so much. Or maybe the memory wipe DIDN'T fail.... Remember, in the original timeline, Kelly accepted the 2nd date while she was hungover. The alternate Kelly wasn't hungover when he called her. Perhaps hungover Kelly is more apt to say 'Yeah...sure...whatever..." He seemed more upset about his brother than his father. View all replies >