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Booker is or what? Trump re-election strategy is simple Team Jackson OP what happened to Ed? someone explain the portal ending? Brutal S5 finale How could Bonnet do that? Execution by drowning for real? Prevent Solomon from escaping? will Maggie be able to save them? View all posts >


the least he deserved is a quick death not like that yeah hes killed early in the game He wasnt alone in this so the whole group are also crazy enough to help him? pretty sure they know it wont end well. I guess they clearly underestimated Jamie ability to muster his men in such a short time and track them down so swiftly. It doesnt make much sense , he fought under Jamie command in the Militia so its not like Claire is some common folks. Unless lionel has a death wish he should know better than to mess with his wife. what do independents say? Its foolish to assume that anti-trump people are all democrats She prob have a change of heart after the park massacre and felt that not all humans are bad. Making her become bad like William wont be better writing either. She didnt just 'save the world' she also create one where her kind can survive as Serac's world has no room for them to exist I believe. Not a fan of bad girl Dolores too, it will be lame if she follow the footsteps of MIB and become evil. Anyway there isnt any good or bad, she just do what she feels is right. Maeve + Bernard vs Charlores and her host army I guess To survive and ensure the survival of her kind no, hes in the system way before meeting Delores View all replies >