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The neck jab, anyone tried it? Negan allowed to wander around after dark? Alpha - most uncompelling villain by far Why is Siddiq transfixed by his mouth? Season 2 predictions Do Homelander not remember he had sex with Becca? Most original take on the super hero genre? Why would anyone think thats a good idea? unnecessary drama for the cripple could this be the next GOT? View all posts >


just a half baked suggestion, it does feel like they didnt try anything or have even any idea to fight back, so wats your brilliant ideas then? yeah kinda need a sequel on those male sparrows I m only referring to the racism in that time period The racism is definitely not far from the actual time period back in the 60s-70s, theres literally zero chance any black or asian to get a lead role in those days. I think u have forgotten that they are still allies even after the war ended , it would remain so till one decide to attack the other. only for last season, first 2 seasons are great , 3rd was ok. That would remind them that they were once a proud nation, its best to eradicate all memories of what they were, besides the Japanese is hardly a threat to them. I m not from the states but is that for real, u could compete in women sport if u claim to be in transition for like like maybe a few months? yeah its dumb when they knew the other settlements(hilltop/alexandria) have survived for years, I guess its like a cult where Alpha brainwash everyone and those that tried to leave were prob killed. not really after they establish the fact that everyone is infected back in S1 at the CDC (doesnt need to get bit to turn), thus there should be more scientific explanation on the other issues. View all replies >