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Why would anyone think thats a good idea? unnecessary drama for the cripple could this be the next GOT? The plot.... so anything goes except murders? so.... she got away with murder? National Guard and the Army fighting each other? What does she do in other galaxies? Colony the movie? Bronn is the biggest winner View all posts >


yeah it really make him look bad since he is the one that seek out the elder and beg for a second chance, I would have like it better if its the other way round that he is offered the chance for redemption but decided not to go thru the task at the last minute. yeah was about to address that, maybe in the coming epsisode they will realise that its not possible to fly with so many people lol maybe hes just a proxy or may not be the real person in charge She said they were shooting at each other in the video recording. Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too has a lighter and less serious tone, kinda like USS Callister so its not meant to be taken too seriously. Agreed, its decent enough not sure why its considered horrible. Personally I kinda like the music. no mention of that, bascially only Anne from TWD is known to be from that organisation other than wats been revealed recently in this series.. yes they are the same organisation. [url]https://walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/CRM_(TV_Series)[/url] He couldnt leave the herd as they will hurt other people thats why the initial plan was to lead them back to his place. I guess she have no where else to go. View all replies >