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What does she do in other galaxies? Colony the movie? Bronn is the biggest winner Why Billy wasnt tested? Only thing you like about the finale? Thats a lot unsullied... why everyone voted for Bran? Looks like Jon will be king They just need to wait for Arya... Bronn not helping them is not cool View all posts >


did it state its historically accurate? just checked the wiki: [i] Knightfall is a historical fiction drama television series created by Don Handfield and Richard Rayner for the History channel.[/i] Hes flawed and made mistakes but that doesnt make him detestable in any way, its like implying that a convicted felony would be forever condemn for his sins with no chance of redemption. If its all in the tech that enable them to feel that way, I m not quite convince that Karl is unable to experience anything close to what he felt with Dan. It would have been more realistic if they did some experimenting like making out using other characters , switch roles or something instead of choosing the same characters all the time. If I were Dan I'll definitely try out the female role at least one time. yeah powerful stuffs , it would be too late for those dumb Trump supporters once he rule the country like an absolute autocrat. He told Billy that how someone misuse the power in the past and then he just gave it away without any test... make sense at that point u still care? anyway as long king Bran approve who can protest? Hes prob the best choice from the perspective of the viewer, my point however is why would all the lords there most of them barely know him would vote for him instead of recommanding someone with more experience/older. sitting on a chair and acting as bait is heroic? over half of them werent at the battle of winterfell View all replies >