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yeah Aaron's action is really unexpected, the proper thing is to capture and question her. well I thought u knew the answer,btw wats with the caps? energy needs to come from somewhere, surely most of them havent been eating for like years? I still cant accept Judith being that good, she feels like a kiddie Mary Sue By your definition you are suggesting a man can sue a woman for rape? That wouldn't hold up in court too. It may not be what u wanted but its good to experiment. I doubt anyone would feel bad for a horny guy that gets punked, there is just no comparision for this to rape............a rape would have been if the politician get forcefully analed by the shapeshifter. not if the 'victim' is a willing participant and clearly enjoying the process,yes there is deception but its more like being punked. Its not rape .... the shapeshifter has a vagina with his dick in it. thats the problem , take out the scary part and the crazy, she has nothing View all replies >