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Oh yeah? I can only imagine the cave scene as directed by Terrence Malick. The troglodytes would've just bored Kurt Russell and company to death at the end. This is better than anything the Cohen Brothers have done in the last 20 years. And the Assassination of Jesse James is one of the worst movies of the 2000s. I absolutely hate that movie. That's exactly what you were saying. The hype is a small part of it. I thought the characters were over-polished and annoying. Not to mention a script that dismissed substance and catered to the hip, cool people of the late 90s. It wasn't something that was written as good horror. I would say the first movie was the "best" of all 4 and the killer plot twist is really fucking stupid. Craven basically sold out and made something that was more about the star appeal and flash. That's even clear if you look at the posters for the movies, because it's primarily marketed on the stars. If you were looking at it without the title and prior knowledge of the plot, you'd have no idea what the movie was about. You'd just know that a bunch of GenX actors were in it and see a face of a scared mime at the top. Well I'm just now seeing your reply 8 months later. I'm not certain if you last sentence was a dig, but I just clicked on the link in question and the video is still there two years later. So I have no clue what you're talking about, because the link isn't dead. In regards to being from Generation X, I'm a member myself. Drive-In Theaters have been in decline since the late 60s for numerous reasons such as including maintenance issues, distribution, real estate value vs. economic sustainability, etc. The heyday of the drive-in was the late 50s/early 60s. Most of the people who attend the 400+ drive-ins running aren't really even doing it for nostalgia, as they are way past the age of the last generation who attended them. It's mainly kids films or PG-13 dreck. I grew up with drive-in 15 minutes away that stayed open until 2013, when the digital purge happened. It was just a giant novelty at best and the dude that ran it for the last decade it was opened refused to do promotional events like the Midway in Dixon, IL. So Blockbuster was only a part of why they declined. [quote]posted 5 years ago by Doc110894 1 reply | jump to latest If you listen to the Thom Mathews interview, he describes the director of this movie as being "Untalented, mean and annoying". nite_eternal 4 years ago I've seen the documentaries they have on both movies and he seems very ungrateful. He's been in three of my favorite movies which are Jason part 6 and return the Living Dead 1 [/quote] I'm not certain if the second guy is talking about Thom Mathews or Wiederhorn. Mathews is an aloof guy. I don't think he's ungrateful so much as he's kinda awkward. But that's not the first time he's blasted Ken Wiederhorn. Wiederhorn was disliked by most of the cast and crew because he had a crappy attitude during the shoot. One of the special effects guys had brought horror film expert Forest J. Ackerman on to do a zombie cameo. Not only did Wiederhorn not know he was, he was real cavalier towards the meeting. He even made Ackerman take off his trademark glasses for the cameo, which also pissed off the effects guys. But all you have to do is listen to the audio commentary he does on the DVD to understand how big of a jerk he is. I don't even understand why he agreed to do the commentary, because he just trashes the movie. But the commentary is baffling anyway, because the only other person they could get was Thor Van Lingen, who genuinely got into the commentary. But instead of having him and the director record it together, it was done separately and mixed together. It's jarring. I can't believe the couldn't get Michael Kenworthy or James Karen or anyone else to do the commentary with Thor. [quote]Infiltr8 4 years ago The truth is that was one of the deals made to get the film produced. If you remind yourself they are not playing the same characters, you can let yourself enjoy it. [/quote] Not only that, but the project originally was supposed to feature most of the original cast. However, when the suits from Warner Bros (under the Lorimar division) got involved with the casting, most of the actors were either was not called for an audition or (like in Don Calfa's case) they simply didn't get the role. Calfa was originally supposed to play the alcoholic doctor in Part II. [quote]PaladinNJ (2751) 4 months ago Ben had already overpowered him [/quote] Because the guy kept pulling crap when the whole group was in dire straits. He was a liability. Especially considering the situation that led to him being shot. Instead of just saying, "Quick, into the cellar," he went for the gun. [quote]Harry was trying to overpower Ben and putting him and the women in danger.[/quote] Yeah, no kidding. Did the OP even watch the same movie? lol. Why is this even a topic? [quote]Seems simple enough to me. Johnny was down and the noise and movement Barbara was making attracted his attention.[/quote] That was my take. It clearly depends on the zombie too, because some will stop and munch while others chase. I guess they're really just human after all! People are like that too, with the exception of wide scale human flesh consumption. What pisses me off is I just found out about it. I guess during the Oscars "In Memoriam" segment, they used clips of him from Return of the Living Dead! That is so awesome. The guy was almost 95 years old. So it wasn't a big shock. Nonetheless, it really sucks to lose a character actor of his magnitude. View all replies >