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Dickon's future Mick and the backup singer Movies set primarily in bars No audible dialogue? "Queen Elizabeth the First" Does anyone remember Making the Grade? Maybe Doug's teammates didn't think much of him. "She's a smart girl..." Xanadu, The Apple, Can't Stop the Music: Which is worst? Where were the two middle girls at the wedding? View all posts >


Amazing Grace and Chuck? There was some chemistry. When he comes to from his sixty-third faint, and sits bolt upright into her arms, and she says "Tell me what you dreamt about," that was a very tender moment. And when he says goodbye to her when she's unconscious/supposedly dead, he was about as passionate as that character gets. Besides the age difference when they were filming, there was the age difference when they *met*, when CR was a *little* kid and JD was in his twenties. I'll be! I never noticed that. Thank you. I didn't think he was being Groucho. You might be right and he was, *but*, it was a thing in the 1950s for people to make faces, like sticking one's finger in one's mouth and saying "Madam, please remove your umbrella," or pulling one's hair back tightly and saying "Mommy, you made my braids too tight!" I thought that's what he was doing. Okay, false alarm. Someone unhooked the center channel and didn't tell me. ;) Actually, it was a Netflix disk. Yes. Glad I could help! The first one might be Three For the Road. Charlie Sheen is escorting Kerri Green to a detention center. In the middle of the night, she convinces him to go swimming in a lake. She then handcuffs him to a canoe and steals his car. She has beautiful red hair, but I don't remember her wearing green. It came out in 1987, so it would have been on cable a year after that. View all replies >