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Provide some before and after pics. 40 stays at Trump resorts for the Air Force... Pompeo complicit in helping line Trump's pockets. I guess that's why Trump is thinking of making him head of the NSA along with his current Secretary of the State job. He raked in $40 million last year. Barr also enjoyed the stays. Canada is smart to let US have it. Canada doesn't even have to spend on military if it didn't want to. US is basically a free army for Canada and Russia would have to go over Alaska to attack Canada. XD One war hawk down, breath of fresh air from Iran (although too late), what fucked up person will he nominate next? I'm leaning on possibly another Fox News person if not alt-right familiar. Now we can throw Bolton to the curb like everyone else before but now his own base will be against him since Trump dumped him. It's fun seeing his loyalists turn on the very people he's hired then fired that are pro-Trump. - I accepted the 2016 memes for 90% Hillary - No collusion but plenty of obstruction - Pretty sure he had aides and Rosenstein when writing the report, you know, a group effort. - Didn't watch. Earth will correct itself whether humans adhere to it or not and the rich will be safe while the majority of everyone else will be dead so it's all still good for them. - I'm always for Americans first but it's becoming clearer Trump just wants to limit immigration as a whole (even legal ones), period. - DATS RACIST!! /s - I love the lowly educated - Comicon - Actually the right chants that as an excuse when the left complains about Trump. Never seen a lefty use 'Orange Man Bad' - There's 500? When? Where? Source? Last I counted, it was 72 from facebook and limitless from some random confused person. Patient 1: I am depressed and I cut myself so I can feel something. Doctor: That's crazy, you need help. Psychotherapy and some meds. Patient 2: Agents of the government have surgically implanted a thought control device in my brain. They know everything I think, say or do. Doctor: That's crazy, you need help. Psychotherapy and some meds. Patient 3: I was born in the wrong body, I should be a woman. Doctor: Ok, we'll cut your dick off and fashion a faux-pussy out of it and give you hormones to grow tits, and you can tell anyone that doesn't support you that they are crazy, they need psychotherapy and meds for their homo-phobia. Remember the following: -Trump's own staff have commented in the past that Trump takes "executive time" every morning and doesn't get to work until 11-12pm and that Trump doesn't read any current or recent briefings. -He watches a lot of TV and reports what he sees on TV. When Trump was notified about the direction of the hurricane, he took that information at the time and the following days, didn't want to hear anymore about the hurricane. The days that followed when it was obvious that the hurricane was not going to hit Alabama, Trump was not informed of the updated information, mainly because of him not wanting his staff to bother him with the latest information. Meanwhile, Trump (when golfing during the hurricane and skipping the Poland visit) was focused on directing Pence to stay at his Ireland resort and the air force crew to layover at his Scotland resort so that he could get some more of the US tax dollars into his pockets where his establishments were losing money. When Trump was questioned about the hurricane from reporters, Trump's information was outdated. Trump was caught unprepared and thus he tweeted and stated outdated misinformation. So bottom line is, Trump's rhetoric and misleading information is all due to him not doing his job and being lazy as fuck while lining his pockets at tax payers expenses. He's just trying to cover up that he is not doing his job, period. Did you know he's now selling Trump signature sharpies for $15? MSM is basically free ad promo for it. Could always just go to eating humans as a more radical form than population control. ;) SJW? They got their asses kicked. That's like the most anti-SJW I have seen. Literally Pennywise ate the wannabe cool gay boy and killed the other. Thought you'd be celebrating instead of shouting too much SJW. Ice Man IS in the movie. He just took a lot of cum shots to the face and in the mouth so he's either hospitalized or in a wheelchair with a raspy voice. In the 1986 film, the patch read, “Far East Cruise 63-4 USS Galveston” and featured flags for the U.S., the United Nations, Japan, and Taiwan. According to Taiwan News, the patch references an actual U.S. Navy guided-missile cruiser that was deployed to the waters surrounding Taiwan and Japan. Heh, followed in the footsteps of the miniseries where Part 2 also failed hard. Still worth seeing though as closure for those that saw the first It. A pity it couldn't be better if not equal to the first. Seeing it on Friday. I don't get why Asians need black hiphop to justify their actions? Is there no Asian hiphop? All I hear is one black hiphop after the next as if I'm watching a black tv show instead with gangsters and shit. Seems like a insult to Asians as if they have no music culture or something. Sadly I dropped this series after it got too boring after episode I think 6 or so. Felt too corny. I'm fine with it as long it's allowed to have a white panther as well else this is just pandering and whatever you want to call it washing. Heh, even trending on YT atm. Summary of event for those that actually believed this little twerp. Oversaturation? How so? If anything is oversaturated, it's the Marvel superhero movies. SW only comes every 4 years or so, hardly a call of any saturation. I think it's a combination of what you mentioned and pissing core fans off by saying "just don't see it then." It still brings in at most a billion in profits though. I'm glad someone knows their ships. X-Wing, Tie Fighter games will help you learn your ships. :) These ships in the future are just advanced versions of the same ship but seemingly still shitty. I remember the days when Tie Fighters had no shields but the news one now do. I guess the only reason the Empire back then had the advantage was due to the sheer numbers and not the quality of the ship. Sort of like how the US does it by exporting more advanced variants to other countries but still owning vast numbers of older types. That was pretty obvious with the first 2 movies, lol. Rehash of rehash and playing it safe. Well, the 2nd one went more unsafe into the PC field which pissed everyone off along with the I can destroy any fleet as long as I can hit hyperspace. Both sides are facists in one form or another. You can fit whatever you want with Trump but you know the left has people like Buzzfeed or Vice that love suppressing free speech (Dave Chappelle), especially if they find it offensive or 'problematic'. Oh, and that attacking someone that holds a difference in opinion with milkshakes (battery) or whatnot. Hmm, you're right, totally separate from the DCEU. He's even had a rough upbringing as well.