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[url] [/url] It broke box office records apparently $117 million -_- I hate how Hollywood hypes up a movie that it advertised TO THE LIMITS for. Obviously it is going to do well. It was two movies that were definitely outside of my comfort zone. I usually watch films with Bradley Cooper, Zac Efron, comedies etc. Big thing towards the end, not many viewers liked it. Not sure why. Even on IMDb, they said people had a problem with it. "Moderator 5, I keep getting these replies from this individual. Please inform this person that I have no wish to reply to whoever this is. Thank you! [–] arvin g borkar (2844) an hour ago This has my account name in it. It should be taken down as well. Thanks! reply share ignore" ---------------------------------------------------------- Please verify. This was the only actual post in reply to hers. Please ban at will for false reporting and cyberbullying through passively copying and pasting replies not directed towards her. She was old news, but people in other countries are just now seeing them. Whenever the U.S. has a movie or series, other countries see it like years later. Ah! What do you watch? I was watching movies with my sis and her bf. But with Stonekeeper, it is an obligation to share my thoughts when his posts come up. Good discussions! Brad Pitt He was a chauffeur for a limo service for strippers and was found out by agents. [url] [/url] Channing Tatum He was a male stripper. [url] [/url] View all replies >