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I heard USA is one of the main sources of selling guns to the southern border, creating the unlivable conditions for the immigrants wanting to flee their country. We created that situation for them. Twin Peaks hehe *sadistic grin* Yeah, what if they all had ebola and they were all sick, that would suck would be cool if they went to berlin in the 1980's before the wall fell open the door get on the floor, everybody kill the dinosaur free market dreams, if i hold onto 5000 or whatever what you reckon it would be 20 years from now?, if I could even manage that!! I'm just gonna throw in enough money to where I can hold onto it until I'm 65 or whatever. I'm 44 now. What do you think the S&P will be like in 20 years? ill just try to sell before the next crash somehow if I can manage to hold onto it that long I'm saving for retirement. Just throw hundred buck here and there good job on getting the interview transcript. Does the word Nazi mean anything anymore in this current political climate? Who has more followers on social media, the Kardasians or Greta Thunberg? Not enough people care or realize about climate change these days. This is the girl. Ok chandler bing cocaine and fentanyl? I almost died snorting cocaine when I experimented like when I was 27. (long time ago) Well it felt like I was gonna die/, I had a hard time breathing. That is a messed up story. Was that on dateline? Think Keith Morrison would do that one after Mathew Perry's death? Didn't know they were family members. Ive never been to Hollywood or Vegas. I listened to the entire audio-book of Perry's final book. whats next for the creator? an HBO MAX show? I dunno man, didn't we give Israel land out to them after world war II? There's been war there on and off ever since because of that. I re-watched the episode, it's real funny, spot on humor. I just don't like kissing ass because it makes up for what a foolish schizophrenic I am. And a Nobel Prize? come on man! I was in the George Constanza contest to end superpacs out of Havard University. You, his comedy does not deserve the Nobel prize. It is funny and spot on humor but did he bring peace to the region? EHHHH No. I think not. what about "Caligula 1979" movie?