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I was taken to see a re-release of the film in a theater in Brooklyn when I was about 8 in 1969 and have seen it more times than I can count since then. Sometimes a movie comes out that becomes such a classic, whether it depicts a certain way of life or whether it's particularly heart wrenching - whatever the reason, it becomes so special to people that the idea that it could be remade is really infuriating. Gone With the Wind and Citizen Kane are two examples of films that, IMO, should never be remade. They were done so perfectly that it would be an affront to redo them. West Side Story is also one of those movies. Maybe you can't understand that and that's OK. You're entitled to your opinion on remakes just as we are. But to make such foolish statements about trolls trying to confuse people and anti-SJW's is really paranoid, insulting, and childish. BTW Broadway plays come and go and are remade over and over again. That's a whole different matter, not relevant. I'm not talking about Broadway, just the movie. I remember the case that it says this story is based on. It was truly horrific. It's not listed on Netflix or Amazon Prime and I don't see that it's getting a US release when I looked on IMDB. Do you know how we can see this? I'm about to start episode 6 of season 1 of Broadchurch and it's absolutely fantastic! What Jack Marshall was put through and his subsequent death is truly heartbreaking. This is such an amazing show and if it wasn't for these boards I would never have known about it. I have a feeling this same exact thing happened to a lot of folks. The same thing happened to me. I absolutely loved season 1 but it took so long for season 2 to be aired that by the time it was, I had forgotten almost everything about season 1 and couldn't get into 2. The thought of having to rewatch season 1 when there are so many other good shows on now that I'm involved with was not appealing to me. I'm looking forward to seeing it soon. I really liked this show. I saw it a year or two ago and I liked it very much. I haven't seen Broadchurch so, of course, I am not comparing. I do want to say that this is one of the reasons I love these boards. I have never heard of Broadchurch until this discussion so it's now on my Netflix list to watch. Thanks to these boards I am always learning of shows and movies that I would otherwise never know about :-) I would never go see the remake in the theater. I don't go the movies anymore anyway since there's Netflix, Amazon, etc. I won't see the remake at home either. I just watched it and I didn't think it was scary. It wasn't a terrible movie although I had to fast forward it a few times as nothing much was happening. It took a long time to get going. I don't know why he said it was a black comedy. I never heard it described that way before. It was definitely a horror/thriller and a great one too! View all replies >