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For me it's a tie between Deanie Loomis and Gypsy Rose Lee. I think she was absolutely fantastic in both parts and each one required such a different type of performance. But you know, in thinking about it, she was also amazing as Alva Starr in This Property is Condemned. I must say that's quite a good theory and perhaps that'll be the outcome. I would just wonder why Mr. Jingles spent 14 years in jail without trying to prove himself innocent if your theory is correct. I guess we'll have to watch it to see. I thought episode 1 was good and am looking forward to the rest of this season. I loved season 1, liked season 2, and cannot get past episode 2 of season 3, it's horrible. I'm very disappointed but I just can't watch it anymore. I'm actually glad to see that others feel the same way. I thought I was the only one who lost interest. Lesson learned? I would say so but we will never be sure unless they make a season 2 which I wouldn't mind :-) ****************** SPOILERS ******************************** I think it's intimated that her fingers were chopped off by the cannibal and he made soup out of them which she unknowingly had some of. It left me with the impression that the cannibal is someone she's going to have to face as a punishment for trying to leave. In other words he's out there, she can never rest easy. That was the intention, however, during the last episode it came out that a cannibal on the island wasn't supposed to be there so that avatar was probably deleted. It left Taylor, KC, Cooper and the nurse (I can't remember her name) on the island. And, of course, the warden at the end. I'm 5 episodes in and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. I never saw Lost so I can't make the comparison but for what it is, I think it's very good. I getcha but I still watch it. I miss TWD so much in between seasons that I can't help myself, I have to watch. Actually, I thought the past two episodes were a little better, had more action. Hopefully there won't be anymore campfire kumbayas forced on us. I don't think she makes it out. We never saw her again after she was knocked out. I have a feeling that was an oversight on the film maker's part. Very handsome and I miss him, and Cold Case, very much! Love both but if I have to choose, I'd say Dorothy. The Golden Girls was such a wonderful show and I loved all of their characters very much. I sort of felt that Dorothy was the glue that held the girls together. View all replies >