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Well, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who liked it. You're right, the twists were great - I did not see it coming! I don't understand why it got such high ratings either. I also didn't care for it. Re: Martin, he was the epitome of decadence, deviant and unconscionable behavior. I think he was very symbolic of how the makers of the film wanted to portray some Germans and the general tone during the Nazi era. This is just my humble opinion. I didn't hear anything about her death either. How sad. I've seen her in many things but I remember her the most as the sweet nurse in The Andromeda Strain, one of my favorite films. May she RIP. Oh OK, thanks for the update. Yes, she's very good in it! The whole cast was, IMO, perfect in each and every role. Oh no, I never knew that. No wonder they screamed each time her name was mentioned! Me too, it's hysterical! Also "put ze candle back" 🤣 This, to me, is one of the funniest films ever made! 🤪 🤪 🤪 🤪 🤪 I'm talking in hindsight I realize it was a mistake. At the time we thought the intel was good. And, again, Hussein is gone which is not a bad thing. If I don't sound stable then don't reply to me anymore, make it easy on yourself. Don't bother trying to have a discussion with an unstable person 🙄 I do think it was a mistake but I also feel that the world is a better place without the evil Hussein. Someone that evil would only cause more death at one point. To think he wouldn't is very naive. We got bad intel at the time but it certainly wasn't planned to just go over and kill civilians. A lot of our people were also killed! Part of the issue with my response last night was that I was angry this was even brought up in a discussion about 9/11. I shouldn't have even responded to such an off topic comment and that was my mistake. Frustrating that people like me exist? Wow, that's really very nasty, you just can't seem to help yourself. View all replies >