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Madame was sexy Juliet is so fit Interesting face Hate Maggie's smug face Why did she stop acting? Did she get her lips done after The Goldbergs? Is it true her and Candice Patton hate each other? Is it true her and Danielle Panabaker hate each other? Why did Michael Gambon feel so bad about shooting a Scottish rapist who was being eaten by a polar bear? Is she white, Indian or mixed? View all posts >


It's amazing how everyone else in this thread is so fucking dumb and racist. It's bizarre, isn't it. I thought people liked curves? Yet any girl who isn't stick thin is called "fat" on this cesspool. Samara is very nice, just not quite Margot level. Few are! Speak English. Shut up. oh shut up Royalties don't pay that much. The guy who played Xander is a bum now. She's hot though...got to admire him. Go on, call him a "cuck", you know you want to. What about Kelley? View all replies >