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The C4 guy didn't look white at all. What bothered me about the film. *spoilers* Unnecessary. Terrible movie that could have been great. This is so bad. Why did they hate the Gornicke? Who's the actress who played the Japanese commander? Tone is all over the place. The snowball fight in the "Classy Christmas" episode was weird. View all posts >


De Niro was the worst. Sure you can de-age his face digitally, but you can't de-age his movements and demeanor. He was hunched over like an old man, his head bobbled and the scene where he beat up the grocery store owner was completely ridiculous. Honestly, Scorsese should have used his fetish actors to play old men and use younger actors for the main roles. It's weird. I think Olivia Colman as the new Elizabeth is ok. Claire Foy was too pretty and cute for the role. Helena Bonham Carter as Margaret seems really off. Tobias Menzies is barely older than Matt Smith as Philip. I guess at this point they just wanted a whole new cast. You live in a cave? Honestly it was fucking stupid. Why didn't they take advantage of real life Edward Furlong's story? John Connor could have become a messed up adult after what happened to him in T2 and lost contact with his mother. Then when another T-800 programmed to appear later shows up, John has to pull himself together and find his mother. That would have made a far better connection to T2 and the return of Linda Hamilton even more powerful. No fuss about a new Skynet or new terminator models, just an aged mom and fucked up son fighting a good old t-800. The white characters in the movie literally praise the athleticism of black people. That's why. Don't try to make sense of time traveling movies. It always ends in a paradox. Jessie killing him from the hip with the revolver in his pocket was even more unrealistic than the automated machine gun Walter made at the end of Breaking bad. People train for years to shoot accurately from the hip... without a jacket in the way. Looks like another movie/serie gone "woke". Fuck this. At least Zack Snyder got to make his movie before the clown era we now live in. This confirmed to me how great Breaking Bad was compared to Better Call Saul. This movie had more tension and action than the 3 seasons of Saul combined. Gillian could have come up with an entire 10 episode season of Jessie escaping across america as far as I'm concerned. This isn't some hidden information, it's on her wikipedia page. View all replies >