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Why the monster? The best video that sums up season 8 in just 7 minutes. Strategy 101. Everybody is hating on D&D, but GRRM is the culprit for this epic fiasco. Anyone else is tired of Grey Worm's constipated face? The police side of the story was not necessary. Nicole Kidman looks really good in this. This movie makes no sense. The SPLC guy (Mark Potok) looks like a miniature George Lucas Watching this made me realise that... View all posts >


I'm afraid Maisie Williams could become a female Frankie Muniz. Cast because she was cute as a child, but not good looking enough for adult roles. So true. As long as the road leading there is good and makes sense. The last 2 season were rushed and butchered. He could have killed Grey Worm and made Arya wear his face so she can order the unsullied to lay down their weapons or walk out of the city. There's a dozen way this could have gone other than a completely silly trial where the remaining "leaders" somehow try to please dumb and sadistic foreign invaders who have lost their only reason to be there. I didn't mind the way she died, but I hated the aftermath. Why would Jon tell the unsullied what he has done and allow himself to be captured? He should have walked out of there as if everything was normal and quickly made plans to subdue the unsullied and dothrakis with Arya and the remaining Westerosi men. That would have made a much more exciting ending. This whole unsullied/dothraki demanding "justice" after their destruction of King's Landing, the death of their mad Queen, and then simply accepting that Bran is the new king was completely ridiculous. The internet is full of people suggesting how each episode could have been better and most of the time they are right. As it is, the 2 final seasons felt like bad fan fiction and not on par with the glorious first few seasons of the show. Melting metal is not fire. Just like boiling water and a hot iron are not the same thing. You know who doesn't fear Daenerys? Dead people­. I think the Night King should have won at Winterfell. Forcing the survivors to go south and to deal with Cersei (without a full scale battle) while the White Walkers are still marching. That would have made a great season. The show runners have abandoned that part of the story. We used to know at all time who was ruling each kingdom. Since the end of season 6, this went out the window . Same goes for maesters. They used to be essential for communications and administrating castles . Now the show seems to have forgotten all about them. We haven't seen any in years. View all replies >