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This. One thing I did not get. Awkwafina? Strange casting The best 16 hours you'll ever get out of a documentary. Thomas's back branding Interesting documentary, but with some flaws... The face on the poster looks like 1980 Mark Hammil Another Netflix trailer giving the entire plot away. Distracting narrator View all posts >


Chumbucket is what annoyed me about the game. I wanted to play as Mad max, not Mad Max & his hunchback mutant buddy. It took 4 years for Zero Dark Thirty to come out after the Hurt Locker. Detroit is barely 2 years old. Why would she get ostracized for making a movie about a subject that's a huge hit with Hollywood elites? To generate traffic on the site I guess. Trump was on the trending bar for years. It's part of Burton very best movies when he was on top of his game. Beetlejuice, Batman and Edward Scissorhands. The last 20 years of his career is him pathetically trying to get back to that magical era. People who dindu nuffin. She didn't manipulate the cop. He white knighted himself to jail. This whole movie is people making mistakes . Starting with Behrani faking a life of opulence for his kids and step family. There was nothing epic about Dunkirk. If anything, is was a minimalist interpretation of history. Like doing a D-Day movie with only 1 landing craft, 12 allied soldiers and one German machine gun The actual battle involved thousands of men, hundreds of boats and planes. In the movie, the beach looks deserted and only an handful of planes and ship are seen. Uh? How could cycling be harder than walking? For the same physical effort, the wheels allow you to cover 10 times more ground. The scene disturbed me too, but I couldn't stop thinking of the logistics of it all. It seemed like such a bad idea to keep so many live humans down there. If you can't feed them, they starve, get sick, die and rot. Those with missing limbs can also become infected with gangrene. Since they were not tied up, the basement people could also have started eating each other to survive, or kill each others as a big "fuck you" to their captors (that's what I would have done). Without electricity to freeze it, there's basically no way they could preserve the "meat" unless they had the means to make cans or jerky on a massive scale View all replies >