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Unnecessary. Terrible movie that could have been great. This is so bad. Why did they hate the Gornicke? Who's the actress who played the Japanese commander? Tone is all over the place. The snowball fight in the "Classy Christmas" episode was weird. The prison guards were not intimidating at all. Kathy Murphy is basically Lolly from Orange is the New Black. View all posts >


This confirmed to me how great Breaking Bad was compared to Better Call Saul. This movie had more tension and action than the 3 seasons of Saul combined. Gillian could have come up with an entire 10 episode season of Jessie escaping across america as far as I'm concerned. This isn't some hidden information, it's on her wikipedia page. The "Religion of Peace" is the fastest growing religion with over 1 billion follower, yet it's still a garbage religion. A billion sheep going in the same direction are still just that, sheep. It's the climate alarmists who are panicking. The sheep who fall for this crap that is, note the profiteers pulling the strings. No idea, but at 16, she should look like a young woman, not a young child. Let's stop having children. Let's throttle our economies. Let's bury ourselves under more and more taxes. Let's forbid ourselves from travelling. ...While the non western world completely ignores this. It's almost as if the climate movement was hiding some sort of sinister agenda, but I'm surely tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist. She has asperger (a form of autism) and a growth problem (most likely from fetal alcohol syndrome). She's not a "nobody". She is a privileged kid born in a wealthy celebrity family. She got picked up by Ingmar Rentzhog who used her to promote his company. She reminds me of Missi Pyle. She can look pretty sometimes, but there's something a bit off about her face. Missi Pyle: I wonder how many times convicts who are in for life will confess to famous crimes just to be on the news. View all replies >