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Reminded a lot of "Behind the Candelabra" Decent movie, but SHTF too fast. (spoilers) Tilda Swinton as an old man. If they made the same movie today Female So cringy Why is Hank Schrader suddenly comic relief ? Some observations and questions.... The pool scene.... Honestly not that bad... View all posts >


Panna cotta I don't get it either. Howard has always been honest, fair and sincere with Saul. She lost some face fat since the Last Jedi, it made her look older. Worst Star Wars movie ever. Nothing was earned. I would. I liked the fist 2 acts. The third act was a bit weak. Generally speaking? The idiots fighting over toilet rolls and lining up at grocery stores represent what? 5% of the population at most? Everybody is very chill where I live. Nobody is emptying shelves in panic. Because he's a wanted man and can't been seen in public. So he probably slowed time to do his groceries without paying which would also explain where he arrived home with a shopping cart and not bags. Hopefully the Hanks family has plenty of toilet paper. Acting aside, I've always found it strange that she was considered a "hot woman" in the late 70s and early 80s. View all replies >