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Terrible. It's just random people being killed in ridiculously convoluted ways for no reason whatsoever. You hope there'll be some kind of twist at the end to explain why they're being killed but nope, it's just a guy on the phone doing it for shits and giggles. They don't even bother to make it interesting. It's just a pointless series of deaths that means nothing to anyone. Oh look, a bunch of people I don't care about die for reasons which aren't explained. Absolutely atrocious crap. EDIT - I know realise this is a different movie called 'Escape Room' that I haven't seen. The other movie called Escape Room (2017) is the pile of shit I was talking about. LOL Yup. Profoundly fuckable. You're not fighting racism, you're simply getting sexually aroused by telling others that they're racist. Just one. But it was epic. Alpha Papa was great, so was A Cock and Bull Story, so was Philomena, so was Tropic Thunder, so was Hamlet 2. But otherwise, a solid thread. Depends what kind of funny we're talking about. Being funny has an obvious reward though -- sex. Since men already want to fuck pretty much all women, there is little benefit in women being funny (though it still occurs of course). The point however is that men are more inclined to compete with each to be funny because... there is a huge reward. I'd actually say the total opposite. Parsons demonstrated that he was the stand-out star. Cuoco's career was built on her looks. They ain't what they used to be. Then again, let's face... how many shows have an Indian star? That guy's gonna struggle. View all replies >