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He must be looking older now he will be 40 in less than 10 years. 40 is considered young in the modern world Milddle age begins at 55 these days Old age begins at 75 these days he is still young growing older is not what it used to be the life span is going up year by year 60 is not longer considered old 40 is no longer considered middle age like the claims nobody sees 40 as middle age and 60 as old anymore. I can remember him in Weird Science Titanic Mighty Joe Young Terminator he only had a small in that i had no idea he died Rest in Peace. No i still have my Imdb account i logged off a day before the boards shutdown. No i don't think so she can easily for 10 years younger than real age no way is she 51 more like 41. I know it's a sad day for everyone even me i haven't been on the boards for long but i have been a number of Imdb for 9 plus years. View all replies >