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no u r. no >fire $80m worth of missiles at tiny airbase >chemical weapons still could be anywhere >russia angry >china angry >assad still firmly in charge >ISIS still strong >congress seething >hurr based trump You have to be part of this small group to be allowed to post here. Moderator1 is told who to ban and what posts to be deleted. They tell what content should be allowed. It is nothing like IMDb boards.,,, and others are better options for you brah. IMDb boards were moderated automatically and hence so great. This place is now controlled by few people and their clique only. You are on permanent ignore, stalking doxxing troll Apis bump (that ugly witchy face is on iggy) bump (that ugly witchy face is on iggy) lol Yes. Really sad to see such a good site reduced to being controlled by trolls in sheep's clothes. They essentially killed this site. bump as a warning Childish threads? What have you contributed here? Nothing I have most of the asswipes who responded on ignore. Here is the bottom line for the admin: Site traffic has reduced significantly. And this site WILL DIE. It's all your fault admin jim for appointing biased moderators. I'll be having fun at,,,, and many other forums. IMDb boards flourished because of unbiased automated moderation. I believe i have contributed more than anyone else here already. In the end it will be a clique of few people left discussing nonsense with each other while Jim scratches his head as to why his site failed, and he won't even renew his domain name next year. BTW Jim copied the software of Look how slick the design of that site is. bump (that thing is on ignore) " [–] napsdufroid (273) 2 minutes ago Sounds like you're kinda paranoid, ben. Maybe not posting threads such as "Too Bad This Site Didn't Catch On" is a good place to start. " I have you on ignore and can't unignore you. I was expecting you to be the first person to respond to me, since IMDb was your life. I started that thread to remind Jim how his site is suddenly declining because of appointing a biased moderator (i am sure that moderator has already banned plenty of users he and his clique hates) I also told Jim that it was a make or break decision for him. So far the results are for everyone to see. Not many people are posting anymore. Either banned or disillusioned by the clique of users who only want personalities similar to themselves to post here. Jim, if it keeps going this way, i am sorry to say but you wasted money, time and effort investing on this site. It was all for nothing. Go on and ban me, i won't come again. But i am not the only person who will be banned. I am sure plenty of others are already banned. I will just post on, TMDb, imdbarchive,,,, etc Check out the stats of blu-ray forum What's Going On? Currently Active Users: 5018 (1511 members and 3507 guests) See that? I post there too. So it is upto you Jim. Either appoint unbiased moderators, or make it automated moderation like imdb using a software like But if you continue to appoint biased cliquish mods like those on imdb2, this site will die quickly. I expect to be banned because people don't listen to messengers of doom, because they cannot handle the truth. Bye Ben Caesar Can you tell me what i have done that you want me gone? Who has fed you BS against me? If you start listening to these people, next they will start telling you which users they hate to be banned, and slowly but surely, just like imdb2, this place will ultimately be deserted. Please don't kill this site by listening to a clique of 10-20 users who will not allow other users here. This site will die. After i stopped posting for the last 5-10 days, people told me that not many people are posting anymore. Only the clique of 10-20 users were posting. They can create their own safe space on some proboard. I bet many of them are from rival sites who want to kill this site. The decision to make you a moderator has already resulted in decrease in activity. I was fearing this. It is such a shame that this beautiful site will go to waste because of cliquish users and their lapdogs such as yourself. To Jim, I would advise you to de-mod such moderators. The website has already experienced decrease in activity because of your insane decision to make human moderators in this day and age ( etc.). There are plenty of movie forums out there with limited userbase and their size never increases but only decreases because of such cliques and moderators who are part of such cliques. But if you keep on listening to these people and keep banning contributing users like me, you should know that there are other sites out there. Sites like, TMDb, imdbarchive and others.... DON'T. KILL. YOUR. SITE. Trump should appellate his decision to choose Neil Gorsuch Probably a flop yes