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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HSRIDtwsfM&sns=fb Led a troubled life. I am surprised she managed to land a role on Happy Days in the first place There was a time when the male protohominids had marked variations in their speed of copulation; some could mount and ejaculate with haste. Since these protohominids were less bothersome to their partners (females) and competitors (males), they were less likely to be rejected by the females and attacked by other males. In other words, because of their great speed, they were able to complete their copulations before the females and other males could effectively deter their actions. With their ability to copulate quickly, they also had more opportunities to have sex with a greater number of females within a given period of time (an important point if the female protohominids had estrous periodicity). http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00224498409551212#.VCt_ufldXTc I would argue that you are just trying to get laid by that talk. Virgin detected Who told you that? Your mother? lol I don't know what is your problem with me. It seems as if i am inviting good discussions here. Please let me continue and don't disturb me again, unless you want to discuss movies. I post there regularly. I want more users there too. I like this site too. Everyone has preferences. I personally visit all the sites. What makes the trending section of this site better is that it is very polished and we see movie posters too. That really attracts users to visit the boards and post. I would advise nimda of imdbarchive to do the same. Add posters to the latest posts. Images are good. View all replies >