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UPDATE Please help! Please help me find this movie PLEASE FIND ME How much do you like movies? Reward for anyone who can find this lost cartoon! Reward for anyone who can find this lost cartoon! Do any of you guys have YouTube channels? Anyone buy Arrow Video? Anyone read Hyperion by Dan Simmons? View all posts >


Most classic italian movies had their voices dubbed over in post-production bump Yea. Since I watch a fair bit of old movies, most of them on the cheap side are extremely forgettable. There is no way im gonna remember the plot of Spaceflight IC-1, but I really don't care because that was a bad movie. If I do forget details of a movie I loved, ill watch it again to experience the joy I had on my first watch. So maybe forgetting things about a film isnt so bad. I re watched my username on a plane because I was bored, 9/10 Chungking Express: This is my first Wong Kar-wai movie, and it was pretty great. I'm looking foward to watching his future movies, especially In the Mood For Love, 8/10 Baby Driver: I don't think ive ever laughed out loud in a there since I was like 8, but this movie changed that. (SPOILERS: The scene where he shows his voice recordings in front of Kevin Spacey). Great movie, 8.5/10 I also watched the first four episodes of Black Mirror season 3, and I fucking love that show, but I can't really give it a rating. Bump Yea, I've seen a few of these websites saying that they had the video, but they were always super sketchy and would never load. I think they are just bots who use IMDb to look like they have the movie so they can infect your computer with viruses. That was me. I put it there so people could see it and actually be interested in it. Yea, its one of my favorites and I couldn't think of a username. Reminder that this awesome movie cannot be found online View all replies >