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Is the TV show any good? Series 12 was good until the end - contains major spoilers But that Tardis console room! Spyfall part 2 thoughts? Anyone else sick of the time jumps? Come and join our new doctor who forum! My issue with the latest series Something was missing View all posts >


I'll admit I've not seen this film yet. Started to rematch them all a bit ago and need to rewatch the previous 2 first before this. However I wasn't keen on the idea of John Connor dying considering how important his character is supposed to be. I've seen most the x men film and didn't mind days of future past because I don't think it changed too much apart from I suppose the deaths we see in x men 3. It sounds like this film however just ruins the first 2 when it could have been good Apparently they didn't want to reveal who the killer was or at least Lynch didn't want to. I recently watched the original series for the first time. Plan to watch fire walk with me soon then the new series. I've only seen a few of Lynch's films and while I enjoy the visual style he has im not keen on their ambiguity. I feel like I came out of his films knowing less than I did originally. He has stated the best part of a mystery is the mystey which is true but I prefer to get some answers and see if im right. I didn't know if I'd like the show because of this. I enjoyed the random clues that made sense later on but can't see how the show would have survived if they had never revealed the killer. I suppose it is like a dark soap and they wanted to add other storylines but I don't think any of them where as good as the main mystery but is she intelligent or just thinks she is I'm late here just finished watching for the first time. The question is did she actually have a desire to go or was she simply programed to want to. Everything she did seemed to be aimed at leaving. She may believe she has conscious though because that is coded into her Looked like Captain America's shield. Tony's dad was one of the people behind the project To be honest if a film is a masterpiece or not is subjective. I do agree though the trilogy, certainly the first 2 where great films, but more entertaining than anything else. I also don't think the shinning is as good as most think. It is an okay film but it often gets called the best horror film. I'm not a Kurbick expert as I've not seen many of his films but I seem to remember the consensus being it was his worst film. My main issue with the film is it actually leaves a lot of the background out that made the book as good as it is it's an interesting idea because you wonder what she did when she was at work as I presume she wasn't really a nurse I've not seen this in a while but the fact the real person can have the conscience of a virtual version of himself go into his mind when he dies might be evidence that the real person isn't actually real. Obviously it's all open for debate/interpretation which makes the film really interesting But that would be too obvious which is the point. It leaves you wondering because the others thought their world was real Although I'm sure he said that last time to View all replies >