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The male libido, and the female libido, are why we're all here. The Rise of Skywalker was the worst of the bunch. The reoccurring line, "The Emperor is back... somehow," was like a running gag in a comedy. Nothing made sense. There's nothing wrong with dumb entertainment, but The Rise of Skywalker was <I>dumb</I> entertainment. If true, that would be gross and a shame. No, she doesn't. No, the mistake was not casting Sean Young as Catwoman and then having Vicki Vale and Catwoman engage in a torrid sex scene. Pretty odd to come in decades later and tell the people that originally used these terms to describe music that they were doing it wrong. They were definitive heavy metal in the seventies and eighties. If that's not the case anymore, it's because the definition of metal has changed since then. Oh, certainly. Blow Out is most likely directly inspired by Blowup, as is The Conversation. They make for a good thematic trilogy. Good choice. LOL View all replies >