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GI Blues I spit my coffee all over my screen... Written by the same person who wrote Ghostbusters (2016) The "capitalism" line YouTube video makes the case that J.J. Abrams ruined Star Wars before Rian Johnson did. Documentary of the sequel trilogy Much better than I thought it would be Space. For All. Nicolas Cage Ted Danson View all posts >


It says something that upon seeing the thread title, I knew exactly what it was referring to. Blackbeard's fate was brutal, all right. And the guy never said a word of protest. Defiant until the end, no matter the extreme suffering. When they first rigged him up I said to my wife, "They're going to keelhaul him." She said, "What's that?" I said, rather despairingly, "You're about to find out." Never change, Millsey. This post was deleted because I bought it an ice cream. LOL, no. You're thinking of one of the extras in the swimming pool scene. Bibi was played by ice skater and actress Lynn-Holly Johnson. It's because the rights to the Blofeld character were disputed at the time. Notice they never say the name of the character. That scene was really just to needle the guy who was claiming he owned the rights to the character. LOL In regard to #8, I think Bond does pay her. You can see him hand her something as he says to send the flowers to the funeral. Probably a wad of cash. Something like 82% of "Palestinians" in the West Bank supported the October 7 pogrom. A two-state solution ain't happening. Technically, the two-state solution already happened with the formation of Israel and Jordan. But the Arabs in that area simply despise Jews and can't stand them being in that part of the world. That's the only reason Jordan isn't enough for them. They want it all. And I put "Palestinian" in quotes because they are a fictitious people. They are Arabs, indistinguishable from any other Arabs. There is no distinct Palestinian language or culture. The Romans renamed the land "Palestine" just as a way to insult the Jews, since the Philistines were an ancient enemy of theirs. That's it. The land is Israel. The Jews were there first. It's not like the Jews put the Temple under the Dome. Arabs put the dome on top of the Jewish temple. Negotiate in good faith with Hamas? Go back to sleep. Yes, I can see that a one million dollar profit on a 300 million dollar investment isn't great. But a 100 million dollar profit on a 300 million dollar investment certainly is. View all replies >