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I agree too. A wonderful little actress. Funny stuff. I just disabled my Adguard Adblocker and they came back. Sorry I didn't think of that before. Could it be because I'm using Chrome? Any other Chrome users having this problem? Jay Pharoah's Obama wasn't funny. There's nowhere to go with a sketch if the guy at the center isn't funny. I always get caught up in that one each time I see it. Great performances and great writing. Matheson was my favorite writer. He turned out an amazing amount of fine material. I thought she was very good and gave the most underrated performance in the film. Her character was conniving and yet you can see why Lemmon's character was taken with her and tricked. Her character was sly and ruthless and Judi West plays her convincingly. Her performance holds up each time I've seen the film. She's sexier and more ruthless than more famous actresses who often get praised to the hilt for more obvious performances of these types. I agree about the films of the 70s. Basically new films are irrelevant now and have been for many years. It's now a fashion show. Critics were talking about the Academy Awards being irrelevant back in late 60s. Talent is irrelevant now. What gets talked about is who designed each dress. Movies started to die in the late 70s when all that mattered was blockbusters after Star Wars. When something good is done now it's shocking, as if "How did it get through all of the other crap?". Movies used to go in cycles by the different decades. It's all become a permanent con. TV is just about the only place where something good can be done. Sitcoms in the 90s were the last to do it. Gather together a small group of talented people, keep them together, and they can turn out good work for a few years. I don't buy it as an honest mistake. I think the people behind the show learned from the Steve Harvey "mistake" and were using it. Even if it was honest if they're too stupid to print up cards that include "The winner for best picture" or "The winner for best actress," etc., in the cards with the winning result they don't deserve to be running the show. They were setting up a "mistake" to happen. Gotta call BS. Lilly View all replies >