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Should have been re written So where was Hawkeye? terrible DID anyone notice "younger dorothy" Give Penelope a oscar The best sequel since terminator 2 Jake acting is annoying The creature shown in the drawing So it seemed murders /Suicidal people were half immune to it Wow!!!! View all posts >


Baby’s r to young to have a “fear” so nth? Lmaoooooo He is a kid who else is he going to yell out to before getting killed? Jesus ? Lol parents r god in the eyes of a child so he yelled for the person he loved and was always there to defend him This was confusing to , she made it seem like the tree was unique and their was none like it however he bought her a new one ? I did not even finish the movie because I kept picking the wrong ones and it kept going back I got tired of choosing I agree the option thing was annoying to me it takes u out the movie Which way is their to end a movie like this ? Their really isn’t a way . What I don’t get is why people would want to continue living if this “creature” never goes away on earth, but I guess “hope” that some day it will go back to normal. This movie def needs a sequel but at the same time it doesn’t . How is this even the same as maid in Manhattan !? Except having Jennifer in it Or great great great grandmother View all replies >