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Great show terrible network Henry needs to have nudity in this I’m trying to like the show but The point if this? should have just made it to a short movie. better way to end it ideas I didn’t like it Was that s real penis? I love this film so much I thought dark Phoenix was already in jean? View all posts >


if the dolll did not at all look like Chucky and had a different name yes it would have been a film I would like completely liked more Nice and suckable 🤣 Overall the movie wasn’t bad honestly, it’s the new chucky doll that’s distracting had it been a new design doll that looks nth like chucky then it would have been better to me at least She wanted to see the drawing and die where jack died and finally let go off the necklace Amen whip It out You should the trailer doesn’t give anything away as crazy as it seems , it was good and good story to why MA does what she does Keep watching theirs more Keep watching :-) theirs more Agree ^ what a piece of crap of a movie the original was colorful and a horror this is pure horse sh/t View all replies >