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I love this film so much I thought dark Phoenix was already in jean? I don’t get it, what’s wrong with it? First episode Boring pointless episode boring second episode It was to MUCH It was actually good!! Needed more kills Seems like they took everything cool View all posts >


She wanted to see the drawing and die where jack died and finally let go off the necklace Amen whip It out You should the trailer doesn’t give anything away as crazy as it seems , it was good and good story to why MA does what she does Keep watching theirs more Keep watching :-) theirs more Agree ^ what a piece of crap of a movie the original was colorful and a horror this is pure horse sh/t when captain goes back at the end couldn’t he had grab Natasha from that timeline n brung her to alternate future they created ? N right how did Gamora come back if she died for the stone to?!’ Plot hole?!!! yes even milla jovovich was great unless of course since Rachel was just killed she was still fresh , unlike the daughter who was buried maybe days after she had died View all replies >