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episode 4 totally ruined the show It was fun A little boring Who read the book? So the new t1000 can split in two! Took to long Take out the comedy and it could have been great Help me get this straight Disappointing !! View all posts >


yes even milla jovovich was great unless of course since Rachel was just killed she was still fresh , unlike the daughter who was buried maybe days after she had died US is terrible Considering the movie was already longer then most horror movies they could have got it to 2 hours or 2 hours and 20 minutes , because it did good when it came to pacing just yes after Ellie came back to life everything went way to fast. 🙄 How Sarah gave birth to a girl if this take place after part 2 -_- I think it was because his clone always had a mask on since his face was burnt so the surface kid always wanted the mask around him cus he “felt” he always needed it since his clone did I thought the people under ground were the actual humans and above “us” are the clones because we was design to follow our leader “the president “ After episode 4 it’s where it picks up , it’s deff entertaining Oh wow I just saw it and was questioning what was the rating I’ll say it’s a hard of 13 rating at that , almost a R View all replies >