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I think they're both equally awful. Yes, this tries to have a more serious tone, but it fails being serious when using the original script. The acting is also way worse in the remake. They are both terrible films, but the original is marginally better. It's 4/10 vs. 2/10 It's very good and it's on Blu-Ray by Arrow Media in the U.K. It's so ridiculous. I was crying with laughter during the Matt/Elektra fight scene.😂 I totally did. I grew up as a teenaage with Nu-Metal etc., so it was my thing back then. I've grown up since then and (like the kids of today will notice about DubStep in a few year), Nu-Metal kind of sucked. It definitely reeks of early 2000's. It's a really easy way to date your film. Exactly what I thought to myself! Producer #1: "How do we make SURE to age the film so the audience of the future will know this is from the early 2000's?" Producer #2: "NU-METAL!!!!" Use the "Edit" button. Yeah, it's so much fun! And now it's available on beautiful Blu-Ray by 88 Films Asia Collection. Yeah, it's definitely one of the best episodes of Masters of Horror. It's still my favourite Tarrantino film and I like them all in one way or another. I have never for a second found this film borin. I love the story, the characters, the soundtrack, the dialogue, all of which, prevent it from being boring. View all replies >