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I thought something didn't look right. I've used the Russell Square station many times and I've never seen the sign that said "To District Line". No trains go through Russell Square except the Piccadilly Line. Some studios made reissue prints of color movies in black and white, usually to be part of a double feature. When I saw this movie in a theatre in the 70's, it was in black and white. I first saw this in the 70's when the Biograph Theatre in Richmond, VA, was running an RKO festival, and they had a black and white 35mm print. I wondered why a picture about green hair would be made in black and white. I later saw it on TCM and it was in Technicolor. Then I remembered that some studios made some reissue prints of color films in black and white. That must be what I saw at the Biograph. Another example is THE LONG LONG TRAILER. I saw it at Loew's Theatre in Richmond on a double feature with SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS in the 60's, and it was in black and white, but it was in color on TCM. That must be where the confusion lies. View all replies >