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He's an awesome actor. To me, he will always be Gee from Homicide. Forever battling the upper brass for the detectives in his department. I say Strange Days. Awesome movie. Of course slow. The entire horror of a zombie apocalypse is the ever approaching end, the sheer number and vast hopelessness of it all. There is only so long you can run and hide before it overtakes you. That's the dread of zombies, not being chased down by a track star. Probably my second fav film that he stars in. I like A Simple Plan better, but this movie is pretty cool too. Trespass is also a lot of fun and William Sadler is great in it too. Steven King's Insomnia. In the right hands with the right cast, it could be amazing. I love that book. Jacob's Ladder I have been a member of IMDb for 13 years, so many great conversations. The closing of the boards hit hard. MovieChat seems pretty cool so far, I hope it takes off. RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 March 24th is what I am excited for! Been a fan since Season 1, hilarious show. Homicide: Life on the Street. I would love to see a reunion movie. Best cop show ever. View all replies >