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I am on season 1 episode 1.....seems good so far Is that so? What happens in the last 5 minutes? Danke!! Lol He bedded hundreds of women? Go Gute!! That's a trick I have heard about before. People exposed to the bubble, once released, will have mutant powers? 🤔 Just saw the episode; awesome ending twist! The Multiverse is alive!! Danger danger! I just found it online. Downloading now but its going to take a while. Going to check it out and get back to you. Seems like a funny premise and one of the actresses, Cindy Morgan, was also In Caddyshack and Tron. I love Grindhouse flicks so hopefully this will be a throwback treat. That practically makes us siblings! Lol Have you seen it or know where to find it? My mother was in this! Terry Silver is coming back! Mike Barnes too! are you talking about the time he took it off in season 1 or season 2? Saw the photos earlier. I'm excited!! By the way, how are all the barbershop dudes still alive? Especially the old jew, lol he built a bomb, can create the purest meth on the market in a superlab and even in the back of an RV; I'm sure he can think to close a stevia packet and plant it before the meeting. same table too maybe they will! ha the rats. thanks for all the replies everyone! the most famous ones before this for me that made the switch are the wachowski brothers Same dude....before he got that stroke and bell 😛