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"Hans....Bubbe! I'm your white knight!" Movies or shows that "switch" the language to english for our benefit? Movies or shows that "switch" the language to english for our benefit? so being trans doesn't mean she has a different private part, right? Why are Americans so obsessed with calculators now? They weren't in the first movie. What was the point of printing the photo to trick the security camera's view at the Vatican wall? Age? Larry David is 73 Should they bring back Miyagi ala Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars? Her name is Zendaya Coleman, right? Did they ever show the pool? View all posts >


Terry Silver is coming back! Mike Barnes too! are you talking about the time he took it off in season 1 or season 2? Saw the photos earlier. I'm excited!! By the way, how are all the barbershop dudes still alive? Especially the old jew, lol he built a bomb, can create the purest meth on the market in a superlab and even in the back of an RV; I'm sure he can think to close a stevia packet and plant it before the meeting. same table too maybe they will! ha the rats. thanks for all the replies everyone! the most famous ones before this for me that made the switch are the wachowski brothers Same dude....before he got that stroke and bell 😛 Disney Plus! View all replies >