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Great premiere last night! I can't believe they killed.....**spoilers!** has anyone edited the poster to have Rey holding her new staff inspired golden lightsaber? What happened to Luke's green lightsaber? C-3PO's first line in A New Hope and last line in The Rise of Skywalker... Would you say the Rey/Kylo sexual tension was PALPable? Why are some things and people going in reverse? What new force powers were introduced here? Anyone know the first movie to mention Star Wars? View all posts >


"smaller and more shrunken" hahaha and the rivalry is just beginning, ha. Sucks though that he started from a small coffee cart and got his own business and location only for larry to go to war with him. You know it's fake because girls don't poop! Best scene of the movie. Hit the nail on the head do a deepfake so we can see just watch the first two movies then this one. simple. you've had 17 years... I guess i just liked him because he's been in the game forever and we have been watching him since Risky Business, The Goonies, and La Bamba. Plus he did have a heartfelt moment with Mike on those bleachers at the kids basketball game right before he got capped. The wise otter has spoken! what about it? please explain View all replies >