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Worse. Compared to this, Kevin Costner's American speaking one is Lawrence of Arabia. If you wanna watch an action show with people wearing machine-stitched modern wardrobe, you'd be better off watching Blindspot on telly. Otherwise, I'd stiick with Robin Hood with men in tights. Me three. That's the only reason I looked this up here to see if anybody else thought it was Annie Lennox. I know what you mean but I was a little kid, every grown woman looked fit to me in those days. Right. The Man Who Fell to Earth is one of my eight desert island films. Insignificance and Eureka are underrated gems. R.I.P. This is the kind of film that makes me hate the human race even more than I have ever imagined I could. I'm so happy to KNOW that from the UNIVERSE's vantage point, the human race is already extinct. A cross between Jeremy Renner and Nathan Fillion IMO This reminds me of Whoopi Goldberg doing her Golden Raspberry-winning 'classic' Theodore Rex. They told Chiwee he's too handsome to play Chewie in Star Wars so he's doing this instead Thank You Adolf! 'Hope and Glory (1987)' It's the other way round up there. Kirby got there first. 'Stanley who?' View all replies >