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He must have even if it was scale, I think it has to do with union laws and legal stuff like that. Thanks. It's not showing anymore... I did not go. I've rented from Hertz, Budget, National and Thrifty without insurance, just my driver's license, declined everything else. I've done it in Florida, New York and Texas. Total Recall <-- I think this movie didn't deserve to be made... a story not worth telling. Maybe should have been like a small documentary, but not a movie. I did watch it from beginning to end... the entire 2 hours, which felt like 3. I used to love this movie when it came out, but the more I watch it the more flaws I see. In that particular scene, Bryan mentions that he's going to increase rates, etc... and just mentions percentages, has no idea of what amount of money he's talking about and that satellite drivel makes no sense either... in the end they just give him a couple thousand euros at most... they had the money like in a little box. Taken movie without Liam Neeson and particularly the phone threat-kidnapping scene would have been a 3/10. With him it's a very entertaining-watchable 6/10, but no more than that. I'd recommend watching Man On Fire with Denzel Washington as a superior film with a similar story. Haven't seen Fractured, but reading the synopsis and not repeating the already mentioned recommendations I thought of: The Vanishing (1988) The Vanishing (1993) (it's remake) Joy Ride (2001) Identity (2003) Also The X-Files - Season 9, episode 7: John Doe. I agree, I would rate the sequel trilogy as: The Force Awakens 6.5/10 (It's a soft-reboot-remake of ANH, but it has some good lines of dialogue thanks for Kasdan, Ford's presence makes it a better movie). The Last Jedi 2.5/10 Rise Of Skywalker 3.5/10 I agree. +1 View all replies >