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100% Danny Elfman's Batman Theme is to me like John Williams's Superman theme (and Indiana Jones)... I immediately associate the initial notes to the character. 100% I've always thought something similar. It's probably fake padding stuff to break her fall and behind the log there is also probably a gym mat kinda thing. I did not know... but she finally texted its just her lower leg and ankle... says she will require another surgery but will recover. This is my favorite Rambo movie, followed closely by First Blood. Those areas you mention are exactly where I spent most of my time when I've been there... basically those, some museums, restaurants, Palace of Fine Arts, I think we also went to the Japanese Tea Garden which is by Golden Gate Park... so it seems it won't be the apocalyptic videos I've watched on social media the last couple of years. I have also been seeing that car break ins are extremely common... sad. =( Hard pass. Yeah, Pike is a very good actor, I would add: Ana De Armas, Léa Seydoux... maybe Eva Green. View all replies >