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What actually happened to the killer's mom? (spoilers) Beautiful The guys in the buffalo heads who were raping Alice Scandinavian murder mystery shows vs real life Too Much Recapping. Will Hanna age faster now? "Get Out" is up for best comedy or musical in the Golden Globes. Yes. Comedy. S7 E 10 S7 E8 "Winter of Our Discontent" S7 E 7 "Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag" View all posts >


The kid made the snowman before she died make sure all your husbands look very different from eachother. or just get dna test if it's that important (which it really isn't except for medical reasons) Yes and it was also mistakenly lumped in with narcotics. Your link mentioned cocaine. General Discussion might be the busiest area here on moviechat but SURELY there are whole web sites and message boards dedicated to politics that have much more "action' than here. So I still have to wonder , why is all this stuff being dumped here and not at Fox news or breitbart or or some MRA forum , or one of the many other places where people with similar interests are gathered. Narcotics are drugs with opiate or opioid content. It's a sub-category of drugs. Cocaine and meth are stimulants, not narcotics. So that was a regular thing they (Mormons) did, spanning 50 years or more? In & Out burger I don't eat meat but everyone around here says they have the best burgers. No, pot is not a narcotic either. It's a drug but not a narcotic. Think of a venn diagram Circles within circles. all narcotics are drugs, but not all drugs are narcotics. But Are they informed choices? With understanding of cause & effect, and consequences? Do you hold an infant fully responsible for what it does? An infant makes a "choice" based on zero understanding of the world and what their choice and action might set in motion. They have no concept of past or future, so how could they understand consequences. They don't understand that other people are also separate sentient beings like themselves. They are selfish because they are only aware of their own desires, and they don't realize other people have their own desires. Other people are just there to fill their (the infant's) needs. Certainly those behaviors and attitudes are evil when they are seen in adults, that would be called a sociopath, but you cannot hold an infant to the same standard. View all replies >