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Marathon time! West coast anyone?! This seems to be a modern allegory on Julie Christie's odd expression West coast...awake and watching? Help! Did anyone see the Nanny? (1965) View all posts >


Burstyn's character being a famous actress not only sets the stakes higher for her, but for us. That character has every resource available to her, but can't save her daughter no matter what choice she makes. The juxtaposition of having her bounced back and forth like a ping pong ball from the medical to the religious without any hope in sight WHILE being famous, rich, having servants and everything else at her fingertips makes her dilemma even more harrowing. Not only that, there is a level of shudenfrade (sp) with the audience: it's more "fun" to watch a privileged person scramble; if a single mom went through all this it would just be too bleak. I love the offscreen killing of Dennings. Just imagining what he must have gone through is way more disturbing than anything onscreen. Just like Polanski did in Rosemary's Baby: we never see the baby. Our imaginations fill in the blanks and scare us more. Bravo! Yes! Amongst all that family crap it was a helluva juxtaposition. Being a horror junkie myself, I found that trailer excellent. Short and disturbing. You are saying that the 2012 remake of Maniac supercedes the original??? Say it ain't so! I haven't seen it so I don't know but I am shocked to hear that. Shocked I tell you! No there is not. And that includes all the giallo too! Greatest movie decade bar none. I stand corrected. I suppose it just FELT longer. We don't need any backstory for these characters; it's superfluous and absolutely ruins the mystique. 100 % agree. WWS 1961 was absolutely perfect. There was absolutely zero reason to remake it. It can't be improved. And it wasn't. PS- I KNEW I was in for directorial masturbation when I noticed the remake was 30 MINUTES longer the the original. Just shameful. I have seen this film a zillion times and it never occurred to me that it WASN'T set off by the poor love birds in captivity. Why else open the story with the bird's caged brethren being bought and sold by a spoiled socialite. Always seemed to me a commentary on our cruelty to nature. I cannot believe this thread is getting activity! And you've mentioned some of my faves. No one knows The Night Visitor!🤣 View all replies >