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Replies Farina: "the thinking man's oatmeal" Truth. I'd imagine if <i>I'd</i> taken enough cid to go grocery shopping inside of a picardy shepherd the events to follow might be unusual. Hahaaaa, you can say that again, Jack! You're right. We'll just say it makes you one of the nekkid-eyed good ones. Loving art makes you a COOL grandma! A grandma in shades. 😎 Every fiber of my being begs to differ with such vehemence that I bleed! LOL! I actually was FORCED to join a tennis team one summer as a boy. The experience was scarring for me – just one of an endless supply out of a lifetime of moments that shaped my scorn. Yup, pro sports are the target of my strongest available sauce! This is where I'd give my supervillain origin speech standing atop a two story drum of acid if I were looking to brawl off some pent up steam, but the moment finds ya boi in a mellow mood. Were I not you might find me haranguing on how it is that, over a lifetime I've suffered much at the hands of that which is the antithesis of all that I am and stand for: organized sport, jock pieces of shit, the ingrown wig on the ass of culture that is the commercial professional sports spectacle, its symbiotic capitalist parasitism, the stupefying preoccupation and antagonism of its zombie sheep devotees... I begrudge with full force and total impunity! ...But I won't say these things. Not today. 🙂 View all replies >