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<blockquote>Everything about this movie right now is a siren song from nap-time island, a collage of lullabies rolled into the perfect storm...</blockquote> LMAOOO Incredible writing. This sounds good to me though. Some will find it sleep inducing in a negative sense and others will find it hypnotic. It's always how it goes with more ambient movies like this. I remember in the 90's game magazines were choc full of ridiculous risque, gross, and squirty-boner-ific ads none of which would fly now. What a time that was. Stuff like this: "Kick some balls. Get a monster bone." Heh. Nothing is less gay than pink. Not that there would be anything wrong with that. That looks hot. Btw did you know that the gender colors were originally the opposite? Pink was masculine and blue was feminine? Hiruko the Goblin (1991) Imma post hella pics because this joint was psychosocial af and needs to be more well known WHO'S GONNA STOP ME. Oh Japan, you're so good at making weird things. I scared You got it! Good thread topic. I'll try to post some more art later on. Repeatedly listening to the end credits theme from the absolutely comically shit sci-fi B-movie, Star Crystal (1986). INDIRA - "Crystal of a Star" Equally cheesy and beautiful with a lot of nostalgic emotional power. 1. Joy Ride (2001) 2. Deliverance 1972 3. A Time to Kill (1996) 4. Hunters Blood (1986) 5. Wrong Turn (03) 6. Easy rider 1969 7. BlacKkKlansman (2018) 8. Texas Chainsaw (1974) All good no foul pal! Are you familiar with Sibylle Ruppert? Pretty sure you'll dig. View all replies >