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Will flop so hard... Who is mr. robot? Why is he so hellbent on destroying everything. Not disappointing but uninspiring, mediocre (spoiler) Bloodline agenda. LF dies as a radical individual and the last of his breed. Nolan back at it again (time and space) Season 7 is shit so far (spoilers) Has GRR Martin completely abandoned the series? Decent "what if" scenario but too much wishful thinking and other inteferances 2.5 hours of forced humor and running away from explosions First impressions (spoilers) View all posts >


SO... it made a lot of greens after all. Goes to show if you release a pile of shit in the right place at the right time the chronically bored idiotic sheeple will eat it all up. Mmmmm yum. Let's clap to Sony for studying its audience well. Well done. Am I the only one who does not like how he ends his films on a cheap sentimental note? Someone please tell him that he's a pussy. 0.68 million whoa I thought there was only me and a few others. I love the show. Hate is the action but anger and then hate are the products of pain/fear. My belief is that mr robot is justified in his world as an agent of change, like a forest fire or an earthquake, whereas elliots rebellion against mr robot justified in his own where he wants to give the afflicted ones a chance to reflect and not just perish, but I;m not sure if elliot understands his actions fully. Both worlds are part of a bigger reality so they have to come to terms, both cannot win nor lose. If they just sit down and reflect, instead of attacking each other, why would elliot not try to figure out mr robot, who he really is, I mean figure out the darkest corner of his mind. Mr robot has to be elliot's repressed hurt/pain personified as his genius father. The newborn entity has an enormous presence. But still, why did it materialize as is father? Did Elliot "decided" that ecorp has betrayed his father and he has/had all the right to come back to have his revenge. But it is unknown whether his father was a vengeful type of person. We see people the way we want to see them and not the way they really are. I for example want to see people as one single individual (for simplicity sake) but in reality people have more than one personality in them, some are rare to pop out, some are still developing. Much darker too. I would recommend to watch the original and skip the sequel. But then we all know you will not listen to anyone and will decide on your own. Isn't that the generator? I know. I was disconnected the whole time, yet waited for something to happen which would hook me, but nothing came. Also I thought there would be an easter egg and we could find out maybe what the hell tannhauser gate was. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Bull-shit. Unimaginative. Shallow. Hollow. How this got a rating above 8.0 is beyond my comprehension. Also soundtrack was laughable, even cgi was 10 times less spectacular than the 1982 original. What was the point of the film? To keep the industry going no other reason. Yes Scott has changed the term android or andy to replicants and I got no problem with that. The title of the book is "Do Androids dream of electric sheep". No matter how sophisticated and close to real humans they are still machines. Fyi some of them prefer to be called "artificial person" haha But then think about it, if you give them a reproductive function and erase the knowledge of their creators from their memory would they start to call themselves human or something like it? Are we human? Or another species of machines... View all replies >