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Oh Lucy, jew have some splainin' to doooo.... Martin and Rianne Crime of passion my ass!! Wrong time in history for this. Multiple Personality Disorder?? Number Six ruined the movie and any chance of a sequel. Not as bad as they say.... Another fine role for Rupert Watched for Rupert... Rupert's Best Film View all posts >


I agree with Steven King himself when he said that even though Bates was great in this, the best female lead performance in any of his movies is Dee Wallace (Stone) in Cujo. That performance is as real as it gets. Nahhhh, he would've been ok with it EVENTUALLY because he loved Martin. In subsequent movies yeah. But for me, them getting together in part 2 after their flirtation in the original would've been great!! He's about 37 in the film. Which is believable as due to Mel's hard living lifestyle, he's always looked about 8-10 years older than he actually is. I definitely would have. But only if it was made years ago and starring Mel. I'd bet my life there is life on countless other planets. But they are there, in their own galaxies. Just like we are in ours. So life on other planets, yes. Them visiting us? That's a big no. Reeeeally???? Well... CyberBob was actually a pretty big part of that movie. Especially for never having any actual visual screentime. He's a pretty unforgettable "character" to anyone who's a real fan of that movie. Oh and I recommend watching this miniseries. It was pretty damned good!! Jesus, get a grip. You've got too much time on your hands dude. Thanks for not even attempting to answer my question and instead being "that guy". You added zilch to the conversation. But, I do like you screen name though. Love that movie with a passion!! View all replies >