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That's beautifully put. Lewis always did know how to pluck out something grand from his mind to ours, didn't he? I still believe that there is a prolonged adolescence and a self-infantilising in our culture which should embarrass people and be rejected, but this quote you've brought up is a good reminder not to simply stop entirely appreciating childhood wonders. We should still be allowed to like superheroes, video games, and that sort of thing, just so long as we can also be mature and wise when called upon. Put another way: a bit of sweets is fine and good, but diet should include far more filling, fortifying, and complex dishes. I can see where that would be distracting, but it never slowed me down. Not for too long, anyway. I'd still call this baby a masterpiece! There is an odd rush to prove that Friends is evil because it isn't woke. The strangest element of that is when they inevitably cite the "transphobia" with Chandler's father. The SJW author forgets that the whole plotline with Chandler's father is how Chandler needs to get over himself, accept his father for who he (or she?) is, and just invite his estranged dad to the wedding. The plotline is about accepting the non-conforming person. So... 1. Friends (or any show) shouldn't be judged by our standards 2. The quality of any show has nothing to do with its politics or "wokeness"; ticking boxes does not equal artistic merit. 3. BUT EVEN SO, Friends was always kinda woke. It had a lesbian couple portrayed without exploitation, a plotline about accepting a trans father, and so everybody ripping on Friends for those reasons can take a hike. Trailer looks exciting. Overall, it got me pumped to see the movie. I don't mind Blofeld in the Hannibal place. I like that they haven't forgotten about him. Some of the shots look really great, like the winter stuff. Ditto the stunts. The motorcycle on the steps, the car guns, the bungee jump - looks like there will be good action. The villain seems cool, but I thought the Phantom of the Opera stuff was a bit comical. I'm anxious for Bond's relationship. I like that Spectre left him in a good place and if the movie messes with that good place, that's a wonderful mode of tension which could sustain this last (probably) Craig Bond. Stuff I'm worried about/didn't like: Again: the Phantom of the Opera stuff. That mask is just too Andrew Lloyd Webber. The line you hated, I agree. "Stay in your lane" feels like Millennial code. It would feel similar to Bond being called "Best. Spy. Ever." It's too of-this-moment to work. I worry about this the same way that they tried to force Jynx in Die Another Day down everybody's throats (they wanted to spin that character off into her own series; Die Another Day consequently spent a LOT of time hyping Jynx, like one of those crossover TV episodes meant to promo a new show). I hope this movie uses that character as a goad to keep James Bond on his toes (rivals are great places for tension, character growth, and comedy) without using her to belittle Bond and his over-maleness. I'm most worried that they'll try to do what they keep doing: making the new villain "behind it all!" Quantum was behind everything, then Spectre was *really* behind everything, and even Blofeld had to be his long-lost brother (...what?), and if they put in another shadow organization *really* pulling the strings, it would almost become a self-parody. Writing stories for political reasons almost never works. Yeah, if they alter Bond's formulae and personality to conform to some agenda, it will be very, very bad. Frankly, I might wait for a review or two before I decide if I'm seeing this one. If the initial reports are that they're selling Bond out to set up a new character (Lashana Lynch's role) to be the "new 007", I doubt I'll go see the movie. My actual grades for the films would depend on whether or not we were comparing the films to other Bond films (graded based on how good of a Bond movie they are) or if we were just talking about how good of a movie in-general the movies were. As an action movie, I'd begrudgingly give Quantum of Solace a D or D+, but as a Bond movie I'd basically give it a flat F, or *maybe* a D- for the opera scene... I don't think Blake sold things, did he? I always got the impression that Blake was some middle management type. Maybe he used to sell, but he got promoted and works by going around giving his ABC speech and whipping guys into a froth. I think that was just part of the ending - the escape was part of Sam's imagination, but everything up until his capture (including Tuttle) happened. Agreed. As awesome as those films are, I much prefer The Irishman in almost every way. View all replies >