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Lawrence of Arabia is brought back as a bionic man after the motorcycle accident. Gandhi is reincarnated as a talking horse (or dolphin). Ripley is cloned from a single cell, but her DNA has an alien queen in it and...oh, wait... Thank you, sir. That's rough. I'll send the PM. Nothing yet. I haven't been able to find how to contact Mod4 directly. Do you have a link to a thread or something like that so I can PM them? Yeah, and if it's "similar vibe", then it's a lot harder to find something of quality AND genre. It comes down to what the OP meant by "on the same level". Just pure quality, I'd say there's a lot of stuff on that list. I number Mad Men among my favourite shows. I have diverse tastes, though, so some of the shows I might consider "par" with Mad Men might not be what you're looking for. With that warning, here goes nothing. Breaking Bad is similar in a lot of way to Mad Men, and I think has a similar level of quality. Curb Your Enthusiasm is a totally different vibe and operates in a different way. But it's top of its game, ala Mad Men. Firefly is one of the most intriguing sci-fi shows I've ever seen. Russian Doll is another one. I'm not sure it's strictly "sci-fi", but it's really great. The Last Kingdom is a high-quality period piece,, the 860s not the 1960s. A lot more beheading, though... Archer and Rick and Morty are both hysterically funny and tightly-scripted (well...sorta) animated comedies. If top-grade writing is what you're looking for, find it here. Community takes risks with the sitcom format that pay off more than not. Seinfeld set the sitcom bar back in the 90s. While it's not one of my personal favourites, you might also want to try Downton Abbey. It might have some of the vibe you're looking for. Try Godless, too. I haven't seen The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, or The Wire, but they all have high ratings. Freaks and Geeks is set in 1980, and it's teenagers, but there might be something vibey that you'll dig. Haven't seen it. How does it stack up next to Caravan of Courage and the sequel? The prequels didn't ruin the originals any more than the sequels did. Not for me, anyway. I have the original films and I can watch them any time I want and enjoy them thoroughly. They're as optional a subsequent story as the prequels are an optional backstory. The prequels would only ruin my movie watching time if I watched the prequels. They're filled with such poor writing (story, characters, dialogue, the execution of the politics...uh...everything...) that I can't enjoy them. Thus, they got to be described as a melted plastic burping phoenix. No problem; I kinda had fun writing about wonky phoenixes. View all replies >