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OF COURSE it's the heavily pregnant woman who goes after the missing kids! the Jeffrey Dean Morgan scam ahaha, this has got to be the most blasphemous series ever! so, what's wrong with this movie? I thought Kat was an exceptionally ugly woman I gotta say, the Whisperers take the purpose of surviving to a whole other level WHY did the writers have to go and ruin Walden's romance with Kate?!? wait, did they actually let Scorpio loose?? this is so bad! is the show cancelled? View all posts >


Btw, how did Daryl and Michonne get free? So quickly? After the scene where they first discovered the missing children and the murdered guard, when they showed (only) Daryl and Michonne leisurely walking in the field and having a conversation, I thought the writers must be having a laugh. I can't say I really care if she looks like the younger random girl they got to play her, but I'll repeat what I said a while back about Judith being supposedly Shane's daughter: their casting choices certainly don't support that possibility. The girl playing her now is like a little replica of Andy Lincoln. It's not - producer Denise Huth said on Talking Dead yesterday that they start filming season 10 in May. I also don't understand where they got all those horses from. But in this particular scenario, since it wasn't just Michonne's child who was missing, AND she was very pregnant already, I really don't understand why she would be the main part of that expedition. Or why it was only the two of them who went in the first place. I wouldn't know, I don't normally watch Dr. Phil. I was just working and had the TV on in the background. Some Nigerian scammer was emailing her posing as Jeffrey Dean Morgan, promised to marry her (while coming up with various excuses why they can't meet in person, for [b]months[/b]), and she sent him all her savings. And this is what she looks like: [url][/url] The most ironic part to me was when towards the end of the program she was saying how she didn't know why she believed all that, and repeated, "I am highly intelligent! I am HIGHLY intelligent!" Uhm... yeah. I am hard to please when it comes to stand-up, and rarely like anything. Improv is more my thing. His stand-up is not great though. It comes off much funnier on the show than what he is like in reality. I watched him once on HBO and ended up regretting it. Yeah, she has a very bony, Pinocchio-like kind of facial structure. A mother shouldn't forgive the man who killed her daughter. That she maintained a warm relationship with him after everything is just wrong. View all replies >