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am I the only one who thinks Peri Gilpin is underappreciated? wait, what?.. (spoilers ahead) I never realized Ted Levine was so young wow, so Hoskins lost all power to resist? how on earth does this have a rating of 8.2 on IMDb?? the math doesn't add up never mind, I can see now why Hoffman wouldn't have done this questions (especially if you've read the comics) I mean, it was a good movie, but... View all posts >


No idea, I just download from rarbg. Season 2 is out now. I couldn't keep watching after season 1: the guy isn't a good actor, I don't buy him in an action role even for a second - even if Krasinski himself obviously wanted to make a departure from his usual comedic fare, there wasn't a single scene where he actually looked believable to me. The plot itself didn't grab me, the first few seasons of "24" were far superior - for all those reasons, I just couldn't bring myself to watch season 2. I just can't believe that despite all this the show is still getting decent reviews. It's a common symptom actually, but with Carrie it's not about that, it's about the job. She will do literally anything necessary for the mission. To me the scenes between Monk and Harold Krenshaw are usually the funniest. šŸ˜Š Like see? El Cuco said to Holly that Claude thinks about her all the time, but honestly the way she looks on the show I find it impossible to believe. I think we are supposed to think that his "conscience" only woke up when Holly gave him that speech. Wow, you are actually unbalanced! Okay then. Whatevs. And?.. Are you and Moviebuff1 the same person? Besides, not sure how this even remotely compares - a stupid thread like that deserves to be deleted. Nobody cares about the effects of COVID-19 on the economy?? View all replies >