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loved it, but some gripes with the last season Everything In Its Right Place an overhyped student film you know, JUST ONCE I would like to see a crime series without any stupidity remember how they said that each dead participant's family... so when the North Korean girl... I wonder how much longer they'll be high school seniors she's ALWAYS looked a lot older than her age seriously, WHAT is Amazon waiting for? View all posts >


It doesn't explain anything. Plenty of people are estranged from their siblings altogether. Hey, it's not like I care if you watch the show. 😄 Just saying, I loved it, and apparently so did many other people, and HBO Max even considered the show worthy of taking over from TBS and investing in it. I actually loved it. Yeah, you are not supposed to like them, that's not the appeal of the show. I think the show got even better after HBO Max took over. Yeah, I also thought of IT during that scene. 😊 Lots of funny moments throughout. "It's normal not to make your friend's partner feel included!" 😄 I don't think you read the thread prior to responding, but the simple fact of the matter is that this would have been completely unacceptable and would have caused a lot of noise if it was any minority other than the Jews. There have been plenty of movies and series with unknowns that became extremely successful and propelled those actors to mega-stardom. As someone already mentioned, Chris Hemsworth wasn't even well-known in [b]Australia[/b] prior to [i]Thor[/i]. Who cares? The main thing is that they made a great show! Sunday 12am Eastern, I watched at 9pm on Saturday on the West Coast. View all replies >