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the way they talk to each other is unnatural so how does Elliott have money? I didn't know this was going to continue! ended on a cliffhanger I feel like the writers didn't know how to end the show so, what the Cobra Kai kids did in the final ep... Cobra Kai Finally Makes 'Daniel Is the Real Bully' Karate Kid Theory Officially Canon did they have to outfit Ralph Macchio with such an obvious piece? that was such a stupid ending! View all posts >


Yeah, I don't know - you need to have income to get a credit card. And how would he even be able to make the monthly payments? Also, that apartment he has with Portia seems to have a second level - we are talking at least $5k a month for something like that, maybe more. He would need an income of $200k or more per year to afford his lifestyle. But they never touch upon these issues - like Portia seems to have disowned her mother, right? How exactly is [b]she[/b] still able to afford anything as a barely ever working actor? Or does her mother keep covering her expenses regardless? I guess we are just supposed to suspend disbelief on all that. [shrug] I am not sure what you are arguing about. [shrug] Besides, the show turned out to be pretty much a waste of time. Interesting, most people would say that French is very beautiful! Like the Merovingian said back in Matrix 2, it's like wiping your arse with silk. 😄 I am also finding the Christian mythology very interesting, although I guess to an actual Christian it would be offensive. The scene with Giacomo in the mirror scared me more than anything has in at least the past few years, I think. I literally felt it in my whole body. And sleeping with his son was what, for extra credit? Can you point out even one moment where Mauro showed discomfort with any of the sex? We don't have to prove you anything. And he didn't know for sure, it was an educated guess. He certainly had enough to go on. I would have preferred for Sabrina to survive. I actually heard somewhere that season 4 was already filmed when the show's creators found out it was being cancelled. There was initially supposed to be more. If that is true, then I guess they were planning to revive Sabrina and Nick next season somehow. I always have to watch everything in the original language. Can't watch anything dubbed. That's because dubbing and subtitles are two different translations. View all replies >