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GOD he is beautiful! why the kiss? whoa, WHAT?!? prophetic words why did Billy spare Karen Wheeler? I called it first scene they had with Adam and Eric who was the guy at the bar? I still don't understand what Mia's end game is? wait, WHAT?!? this season is even tighter than the first! View all posts >


Hopper didn't die. Did you notice how clean the floor was after he supposedly exploded? The only thing I don't like about her is the massive muscular calves. Regardless, though, as far as the women on the show, she is in a league of her own. It was autoerotic asphyxiation. They mentioned how he liked holding a "big tool" in his hands. You are obviously confusing Tim Rozon and Dan Levy. Yes, I am aware what it means :), but I still don't understand that sentence. It's okay, it doesn't seem like you are in the mood for discussion. Really? I don't feel that way about her looks at all. But to each their own. :) Well, then you can't make a sweeping claim like "Netflix series are McSeries". Also not sure how you are so certain that something doesn't appeal to you if you haven't seen it. They [b]did[/b] explain it in the movie. It wasn't even alluded to or implied, it was stated explicitly. He did it to feel alive. Not sure how it was even possible to miss it. I was wondering the same thing. Didn't they count like 93 robberies?? It really wasn't though. Not even sure what you are talking about. Perhaps it's your equipment. View all replies >