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oh my god, is this real?! gosh what a waste of time what year is this supposed to be? strange incongruence (spoilers) wait, what? what is that ending supposed to mean? lol, was that Ben Foster as the other bird shop owner? strange plot for a moment there I thought that... (minor spoilers) I didn't understand (possible plot hole?) View all posts >


Helen Mirren was never beautiful, she doesn't have the features for that. Valid point. I think it's more about the writer writing about what's meaningful to them. In Sense8 for instance, I wouldn't say that it [b]bothered[/b] me, per se, but it definitely wasn't relatable for me that every other character was gay or trans. It's really not a part of my reality in such a massive proportion. But it's obviously very meaningful to the Wachowskis and is probably most, if not all, of their social circle. Was it an [i]agenda[/i], necessarily? I don't know if they were trying to change anyone's worldview or perception with that. It's more like putting your music on in the car with the hope or expectation that everyone will equally appreciate it. Seinfeld finale was [b]exactly[/b] in line with the rest of the show. Obviously Jerry was doing stand-up in jail - only Seinfeld could have thought of something like that. Besides, their whole credo was that it was a show about nothing - an ending that neatly ties everything up for the characters would have violated comedic integrity. Frasier and Roz together make absolutely zero sense (I mean, if you want to end up with someone who never had any romantic feelings for you (and vice versa), then sure, go ahead, but that does mean that it [i]makes sense[/i]), and besides, a good ending does not and should not mean pairing everyone up. You mean eleven seasons of no sexual chemistry whatsoever mean that the characters should end up together?.. 🙄 You people are weird. Well, the acting was great, I really can't fault the actors - the plot was worthless though. I pretty much agree with your 5 out of 10. I very much doubt it, but regardless I won't tune in if there is. Billie didn't mark it that, that was the subject line of Fiona's email. How would she have gotten the meds without a prescription? This is bipolar disorder, not a common cold. So what's your advice on season 2? Have you watched this show, modica? View all replies >