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this was tense! am I the only one who thinks the final questions are ridiculous now? I think the writers are running out of ideas for the cons gosh, so boring to watch these weak-ass players after Holzhauer this is such a soap opera did season 2 of this ever come out? lol, the way Holzhauer is going, I can see him still playing on the show well into his old age 😄 is season 3 worth watching? I can't believe how much her looks have deteriorated already what is this dynamic between Alpha and Beta? View all posts >


Okay, thanks, I'll try. He talked about it on the show as well. Also, I follow his Facebook page where he posts articles and interviews - some of it is interesting stuff. If he beats Ken Jennings' record, he will become actual A-list, with everything that entails. I realize that, but I am saying I also read it somewhere. My phone keeps popping up articles about Holzhauer - he is all over the news. Yes, I read about that somewhere - Jennings said James was this very impatient guy who would attempt to answer before he (Jennings) even finished asking the question, and he got most of them wrong. :) No idea who Gary Mitchell is, but I don't want James to become unpleasant. The quality that makes him likable is precisely his modesty. It's been 26 games. I really hope he beats Jennings' record. Yeah, that was an uncomfortable feeling! When did I get so invested, lol, I was never even a regular viewer of [i]Jeopardy[/i]. But I want to witness some more of this awesomeness. I hope so too. If he wins like 100 games, no one will ever come close. What a legacy that would be! I never saw Jennings on the show though, somewhat before my time - but I am rooting for James. View all replies >