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I liked this! I know this has been commented on many times before... didn't she lose a bunch of weight? what happened to him? undeserved, underserved, underserved why does she always look so horrible in real life? I didn't get it, btw, but is Miles supposed to be Hispanic? am I the only one who thought both Incredibles 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet were better than this? Depeche Mode! very surprised by the low user rating on Rotten Tomatoes View all posts >


I mean, seriously, she moved back in with him already AFTER she knew his criminal history. There is no excuse. Well, when the antagonist is already killed, in terms of anything "happening" things can only go downhill from there. But no, I didn't think the last half hour was a letdown. I did want more to happen [b]before[/b] his attack on Terra - more harassment, more terrorizing, I am sure there was a lot more of that towards the Newell family from Meehan in real life. I wanted his death to feel more like a culmination. If this were a movie, it would have ended with Terra killing him. That would be my only criticism of the last ep - that this scene took place too soon. Perhaps they needed a 2-hour finale to make it all fit. I actually saw your post before I watched the episode, so I went in expecting the worst, and I have to say it really wasn't bad. Her daughters seem to have a lot more common sense than she does. I'd blame her, not them. There is really no excuse for her being that desperate and naive at her age and given her status. Well, yeah, I've seen Connie Britton in other things, I know that's not how she normally talks. But god is it annoying. It's like, get some energy to your voice, woman! Some assertiveness! Amazing (to me, anyway) how she built her own successful business being like that. I liked the song at the end also. "Why did I agree to do this stupid song?" I guess I just don't care that much for Spider-Man to begin with. Oh, so you've seen it already? From your previous post I thought you haven't yet. The ending *was* a bit of a let-down, I am not going to deny that (but then that's the case with most things in the horror genre IMO), but it's still an intelligently done series, with great acting I thought. No idea what you are referring to. I didn't notice anything. View all replies >