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my GOD this is creepy! I don't think they could have POSSIBLY cast an uglier woman as Paddy's "love" what is shallal? I don't think it's even possible to write a more odious character than Palermo I can't get over how much she looks like Julie Bowen do old women somehow have children in Spain?.. season 2 - the tunnel I saw this movie followed by Q&A with the lead actress and the writer-director so does it mean... (spoilers ahead) View all posts >


I am watching this now, and I mean it's okay, but it's certainly not "incredibly good". The writing isn't great. I feel like the reviews I read on IMDb really oversold it. I am on ep 2 of season 2 now, not entirely convinced that it's worth my time, or if I should move on to Marianne and Unbelievable released yesterday. This show just doesn't keep me engrossed. At least with 6 eps per season it's not that much of an investment. Frances. Franc[b]i[/b]s is a man's name. Plus the woman doesn't even look like her. That one was way too intellectual. Why would she even resort to that occupation if she is that smart. Duh. I just saw. Oh well. Yeah, it bothered me the whole time. Macarena also kept talking to Zulema like nothing happened after the forced abortion. And Zulema went back to break out Saray even though the latter betrayed her. The show is full of those things. Even what I mentioned in my post the other day - Fabio telling Macarena they aren't actually in love, they are just lonely and desperate, and then turning up at the new prison with a ring the next time we see them - was also a complete 180. I'd say writing a carefully structured plot obviously isn't this show's forte. And I don't know how many times they can keep doing it that literally any deputy Castillo has ends up dead soon after getting the job - it's becoming a joke already. Do you think this is made up or something? What do you mean, would have made it better for you? This isn't a story they have created for your amusement. I don't think your reply was meant for me - I was not the one complaining. Yeah, the acting is probably the biggest part of what keeps me watching. "Nosferatu" was great - I especially appreciated the scene with that evil grin when he was holding Saray's baby in a cage, lol. Any thoughts on my other comment? Oh, and what did you think of item 4 on my list above? Okay, I finished season 3. It was a lot easier to get through considering that it's literally less than half the length of season 2. Thoughts: 1) I thought the story line with Curly falling in love with the police woman was stupid (especially starting with that scene of her escape to see Macarena: "It's the only way I know how to love" - barf) and wholly unnecessary. I am guessing they inserted it to make us somewhat care about that woman at the end?.. 2) I thought the character of the snitch Mercedes was despicable, and by the end of the season was kinda rooting for her to die. 3) So glad Anabel is gone. Zulema is a psychopath, but at least she is interesting (just look at that subplot with the hens!). Anabel on the other hand was a character with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. 4) That the guard actually bought it that it was Anabel who killed Unai made absolutely zero sense, however. He was killed the night of their arrival, Anabel didn't know him from Adam, and couldn't have known about the financial goings-on at thе prison at that point in time either. 5) The Chinese gang stuff was a nice departure from the usual fare. 6) So interesting to see, repeatedly, that the criminals are basically being watched over by other criminals. 7) Minor gripe: what's the deal with the trans guy at their prison? I mean, it's obvious he identifies as a woman, but it doesn't seem like he actually transitioned, and I don't think they'd assign you to a women's prison if you have a penis. Season 4 will be available on Netflix on 9/25! It's kinda trash 😂, but it pulled me in, and now I want to see how it ends. Also, Macarena is coming back at the end of season 4, and for the next installment - Vis A Vis: Oasis. Did you see my other post? I just got to that scene. The way he looked there, I am over it. Funny how some hair choices can totally change a person's look. The idea of their romance just isn't hot anymore. (That's not to mention how butch Macarena is this season.) Also, last time they had a conversation (if we can call it that) about their relationship, Fabio was a total dick about it, and now he is suddenly all in love and willing to wait forever?.. The sudden change in disposition doesn't make for believable writing, IMO. It all felt to me like there were multiple important scenes between the two of them missing between then and now. ETA: I understand why they handled it that way though - because they were writing both characters off the show. But seriously, that progression of things between Fabio and Macarena was hella rushed. View all replies >