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they brought Frances Conroy back just for THAT?.. 🙄 can it be?.. whoa! oh my GOD 😳 so enjoyable! so... (spoilers ahead) that was uncharacteristically stupid of Carol pure awesomeness interesting theory so she doesn't want to get it on with the cute 19y.o. boy... View all posts >


Oh, that's where we disagree then. I think the show is full of flaws, with occasional worthy moments interspersed throughout. Ever since they've gone off book, it just hasn't been a quality series anymore. I mean, the acting is always great, but it can only do so much to salvage the writing. Europa is one of Jupiter's moons. Well, of course you are the one to be the judge of that. You should really stop watching if you detest the show so much, instead of repeatedly coming here to harsh everyone's buzz. Obviously you are incapable of appreciating the material - well, that's too bad, but there is nothing we can do about it. You can, however. [quote]Just think how Laurie is going to feel when she finds all of this out.[/quote] I can't even imagine. But then in the movie he was also kinda an a-hole to his old girlfriend. I think we can take Keene at his word that the group evolved into something else, white supremacy no longer being their platform. I'd say you are wrong now also. Who are you even talking about, OP?? Yes. I don't know whether I'll still think so after it's over, since endings in the horror genre are often a letdown, but it's really good so far. Also, nice to see Rupert Grint in an actual adult role - I don't believe I've seen him in anything since [i]Harry Potter[/i]. And Daryl spread the blood all over his face in the last episode, without even any concern for open areas like eyes, nose and mouth. View all replies >