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We know for a fact that meats offer some nutrients that are easier to absorb, vitamin B12, and complete proteins without having to eat a million different plant foods to obtain. So how can meats, as a whole food, be 'unhealthy' when eaten in moderation? Is their supposed harm so severe that they should be eliminated? I see NO evidence of that. I see correlations that don't seem to account for for other factors of lifestyle, financial status, education, ect. There is robust evidence for eating more plants, for sure. The standard American diet is largely devoid of adequate fiber. As you can see I looked at your links when they appeared to be from a reasonable source, so you were very wrong about me being "angry and crazy". However, I do particularly resent people who pretend to care about health when they are really concerned about animals dying. Not interested in the truth? First of all, the first link is the opinion from a psychiatrist on what looks like some kind of blog post. I don't really understand what KP is but I am questioning its authority at this point with this simplistic type of material. On 'Nutritional Update for Physicians: Plant-Based Diets', I looked up which authors were actually dieticians, and there was one (Carole Bartolotto), who appears to have the unscientific stance of being anti-GMO. I also found on her blog a study that she purports suggests meat consumption is associated with a higher mortality. Something I found interesting from that exact study: "Although substituting plant foods for various animal foods was associated with a lower mortality, red meat, especially processed red meat, showed a much stronger association than fish and poultry, which themselves were not associated with mortality (eTable 6 in the Supplement). In fact, protein from certain fish, such as cod, has been suggested to improve the lipid profile, glycemic control, and insulin sensitivity." Which begs the question about these correlation studies, *do they account for an omnivorous diet rich in fiber and vegetables*? I in all honesty spent a good hour combing through various studies and statements and could not find an answer to this question. Many of these assessments that look at vegetarians/vegans vs. omnivores give us a clear description of the plant-based diets, which are "well-planned" and include a large variety of vegetables, grains, ect. I have yet to see any omnivorous diets in the assessments be described in a similar fashion. Furthermore, I see MANY correlations, but little evidence on meats being so bad that they should never be consumed (like they say with trans fats), and generally processed and red meats are said to be the culprits, although the severity of even these foods might be overstated. Don't call me insane, you stupid clown, when you said: "Meat will kill you!" Nowhere on this page: does it say ANYTHING about meat killing people. Is this the best you can do? Of course you're not responding, because you don't know what you're talking about. Vegan nuts like you don't care about people's health, you just want to protect cute animals. You don't advocate that omnivores eat more healthful foods rich in fiber, because that is NOT your interest. It's just about avoiding animal products, which gives nothing of value to how society perceives healthful eating. A brainless celebrity or some online nobody named "brux" really doesn't have anything to teach me, other than how humans and their cognitive biases/stupidity are destroying themselves. Wtf is a "coherence sentence"? I eat plants too, and meat. Stop spreading lies and misinformation and grow a brain. 1. Your anecdote is useless. 2. Fuck your morals. 3. Only an idiot believes that some documentary holds the key to some special insider information that I can only get the benefits of if I watch it and I can't just get access to the studies/claims they cite here online. They have been discussed in other articles. What's worse, the documentary has been created by stupid celebrities. Not only am I not required to entertain such a presentation, it will only serve to give a platform to anti-science figureheads. I'm not watching that, or Vaxxed, or In the Business of Being Born (actually I unfortunately had to watch that garbage), ANYTHING that presents some 'alternative' opinion against credible organizations. "The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is a non-profit research and advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C., which promotes a plant-based diet, preventive medicine, and alternatives to animal research, and encourages what it describes as "higher standards of ethics and effectiveness in research."[2] Its tax filing shows its activities as "prevention of cruelty to animals." Are you really this dumb to think I would fall for this? "If you are so closed-mined about it, why did you watch the documentary ... or did you?" What kind of loaded, bullshit question is this? I'm not close-minded, I just know what credible experts recommend, and that a bunch of brainless celebrities and athletes are not going to reverse the state of our understanding of nutritional research with their anecdotes and big mouths. I haven't heard any of the credible health organizations suggesting to eat no animal products or risk an earlier death, period, so I know you are full of it. It sounds even more nutty considering people eat WAY too much meat and a bunch of other horrible unhealthy foods and can still expect to live to ripe old ages anyway, so the suggestion that a healthy diet, like the Mediterranean diet, which includes fish and some lean meats could be unhealthy sounds so fucking stupid beyond belief. You are not a dietician, so do NOT tell me what the science says. Show me how the consensus of real experts backs up your claims or this is a waste of time. The movie makes the claim that eating meat at all is unhealthy and that is a lie. If they had just stopped at talking about veganism not having enough protein ect. it would have been fine, but they ALWAYS have the need to spread lies, most likely because of animal rights radicals who don't care about your health and just want to save some animals. Vegans act so confused when, after constantly shaming people for not adopting their diet, lying about nutritional advice, and pushing documentaries filled with BS, people start to stand up against them and get pissed off. I don't give a shit about your animal obsession "Meat will kill you": THAT IS A LIE. Get it through your thick skull. You care so much about your precious animals that you are willing to mislead people about nutrition which adversely affects everyone. So many people think they need to adopt a lousy vegan diet to be healthy that they end up doing nothing. The facts are, people need to eat more vegetables, but they do NOT need to give up all animal products. Athletes are brainless celebrities, and they may be one of the biggest causes of the spread of misinformation, as they push their lifestyles on people who think they will get the results of those who simply just have better genetics. Do you actually care about people's 'performance' or is this really about animal rights nuttery? No one needs to go vegan to improve their performance, there is NO evidence going vegan improves performance, and a documentary by celebrities doesn't change that. View all replies >