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Alas, fuck off. I have perfectly valid opinions and they are not just "contrarian" just because you don't like them. "No one but you said they were the best "musical" band." The title of this thread is literally "The Beatles: The GREATEST band in history" and you've clearly come here to defend that position, as you told me "every single musicologist, music historian and critic has agreed are the greatest band ever" and some babble about how "the greatest" put in the most work. You dummy. You've presented some inane positions that you've thankfully abandoned. So the last thing you can find to try and argue against me is the comment about the time the Beatles had to produce content, which you fail to realize is contradictory. Wouldn't it be MORE impressive to have a long career with memorable content than a short one? You brag about the Beatles having a "short" 6 year run (this is subjective) and how those other inferior artists are still doing the "same crap". Sounds like it would be a lot easier to quit at your prime than to keep producing "ground-breaking" content for 60 years. What you said made no sense at all. And last time I checked some of the members of the Beatles are still alive and creating music. Did their ability to create revolutionary music become extinguished just because their band broke up? This wouldn't happen with real musicians in distinguished genres of music where TRAINING is required (that happen not to be the most popular, but who gives a shit!) Quick check of Paul McCartney shows he still makes music I've never fucking heard of, including a collaboration with Kanye West! LOL you get the fuck outta here. What is the objective "right" punishment then, since you seem to feel you have a superior sense of justice? Imprisonment for life? That is actually more cruel. Tell me what is "right" or buzz off. Nope, never heard of them PRIOR to getting into ballet and I bet no one in my family has either. The only dancer that has enjoyed enough popularity for anyone in my family to know their name is Misty Copeland, and that's just because she rides the race train. Even being in movies isn't enough for us to have heard of Baryshnikov. You don't think we pay attention to every actor in every movie do you? But that wouldn't count anyway! Since people hear of actors, not dancers. Thanks for proving my point. It must be pretty unpleasant having someone without your background in music history waltz in and easily expose your ignorance, hence why instead of any rebuttal to MY rebuttal, you compare me to a science denier and claim I made no rebuttal. But I obviously did. It sucks that the foundation of your learnings are intellectually bankrupt, considering the so-called 'best' musical bands are a bunch of rockers, but that's how it is sometimes. Time to move on. If you want to be a good psychologist you'll need to learn this. Meaning? Actually idiot, I never said anything like that. I'm definitely worried about what some idiot named PussyMonster thinks. It's normal to be vengeful against sadistic child killers. EXACTLY but we have idiots on here that don't understand that and think music would just die off if it were for these pathetic Beatles. Any professional ballet dancer does more work then the damn Beatles and none of them are famous. Fuck you and your obsession with famous people. View all replies >