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HUGE flaw in story that destroys the film Good movie. Shawshank Redemption Why did Hadley buy the beer? Kinda sucks. Makes no sense. This much is guaranteed! "looks the same as when I last saw it." The main problem with all these STUPID movies. View all posts >


Doesn't take a rocket scientist to put that together. He grabbed two guns minutes earlier and had his hand in his pocket... How did it surprise you? They show him grab 2 guns from the safe minutes earlier. It had television show type pacing because it essentially is a show. A movie would've had character development and setup whereas here we didn't need all that. We had 5 years of development and set up, this was just a continuation of where we left off. When sally said, "that's not Mommy" she wasn't looking at screen yet. I took her to say "that's not Mommy" meaning Mommy wouldn't be in a movie that ain't her... Then when she looked her face looked mortified. Mostly waiting for the cops to come to unlock the gate I don't know about a movie but as far as real life, the other day I was trapped in a parking garage for 3 hours... Kept driving in circles and couldn't found the exit. It was a Sunday night at 10pm and I was the only car and only person in the entire garage... driving and driving and driving in circles the exit never came. I had to end up calling the police for assistance. Turned out they closed a gate that blocked off the exit.... It's a 24/7 garage so why a gate was erected nobody knows. Really shows how great of an actor Dan Hedaya is. The character of Della Pesca never existed in reality. He's a Hollywood fabrication. Dan really brought the evil to life though. Why did you post 7 pages of questions? That's not my point though. If this were a slasher flick like Jason or Halloween or nightmare on Elmstreet then yeah, you're rooting for the villian and want the characters to die. But this is a supposed horror movie. If the characters were ones you cared about that would make the horror more real. Woodstock. View all replies >