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Jason Ritter should've played Ben Best Scene in Movie. HUGE flaw in story that destroys the film Good movie. Shawshank Redemption Why did Hadley buy the beer? Kinda sucks. Makes no sense. This much is guaranteed! View all posts >


2010. It does make sense. I know what you mean. Jay Ryan looked nothing like his kid counter part either so they'd be no difference. While I think Pacino did a great job I mi must say that just because somebody else didn't think he did doesn't mean they are a "troll" everyone has an opinion. Then go tell them... This is a movie about old white men directed and written by old white men financed old white man. 7 half hour episodes would do the story justice? So 3 and a half hour runtime would be enough?... That's what it was. That's sometimes the problem with legendary actors... You just see....them...the legendary actor and not the character they're supposed to be playing. Agree on all accounts. But, you mention Liotta. Liotta was not in this film... Makes sense to me... Sheeran only "confessed" years after everyone died so no one could deny his claims... Franks was just some poor sad old man who before he died wanted to make a name for himself. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to put that together. He grabbed two guns minutes earlier and had his hand in his pocket... View all replies >