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If you liked this movie then you may also like... What I really wish.... Jason Ritter should've played Ben Best Scene in Movie. HUGE flaw in story that destroys the film Good movie. Shawshank Redemption Why did Hadley buy the beer? Kinda sucks. View all posts >


Bumper stickers are to subtle as well. Flagg and crew will be wearing MAGA hats. They'll NEVER do the opposite though... Turning a black character to white.... I propose, you want to turn Larry to a black man, fine... How about making mother Abigail an old white woman... Well, if you sound like one then........ Using all caps is deemed as yelling. And you called me a, "demented ventriloquist operator." I'm shoving my opinion up your ass? I simply posted a list of suggestions of things people might enjoy if they liked this film... You're the one yelling and calling me names. Yep, that works both ways...YOU thinking that its good doesn't make it a fact... A show burn movie is a movie that starts slow then pays off in the end when it gets better and better and ends great... This movie shit from start to finish. Hitfan is also a Trump supporter and also hitfan abused women in the past. Hitfan also kicks small dogs... I don't have evidence to corroborate any of this but that's okay I don't need any, my word is enough... And just because YOU liked it doesn't mean I'm wrong. We all have our opinions. Looks like the academy and I have the same. What's new here? Nothing just another trash "horror" film. View all replies >