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Help with a song. Looking for a song. If you liked this movie then you may also like... What I really wish.... Jason Ritter should've played Ben Best Scene in Movie. HUGE flaw in story that destroys the film Good movie. View all posts >


Nope. Go figure. It must just be some unreleased songs that i had from somewhere at some point. If no lyrics sites or no sites anywhere are yielding results it only makes sense that it has to be unreleased. I can't remember where i even got the CD it's easily over 20 years old. It's not that one. That's the only ping that comes up in search but it's not the song. A search of that song name or artist name yields no results. So, you can't? Rose always tints the past making one think fondly of a time that wasn't what one remembers... You say you miss 2002 and the better times. In 2002 one could've easily said they missed 1984. In 1984 one could've easily said they missed 1966 and so on and so on. Now, I'm sure, in 2038 NO ONE will say they miss 2020, but you get my point. All eras have bad in them that passing of years tends dull the bad to a faint memory... For example 2002 - We were in the throws of War with Afghanistan, war in Iraq was under way. We were rebuilding New York after the terrible tragedy. The country was in fear and trepidation over the uncertain of if another attack will take place. That's too easy of a copout. Name at least 5 things then. I find myself watching Sweet Virgina (2017) a lot. Its just one of those movies you can watch over and over again. Especially good to put on as background noise whilst doing other things. I agree that they shouldn't. That could lead to disastrous future outcomes. Even if he wanted to he couldn't. He's not a natural born citizen. View all replies >