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Will there be a sequel now? Saw it!! Its even more worse then Prometheus Gosh! This is a damn horrible movie I wished her parts were longer Mr hide will be in it too I never liked ripley scott Dec 2019: Release date And another trailer Frankensteins monster cameo? The bride of Frankenstein is the next movie View all posts >


Why Not? I see nothing 'hard'. Just a standard 'build it up' My englisch isnt good enough too exolain. Its a bore and done dozens od times before. The Director Close to 600 mio ww now Sedaris was not good. The Brief scene. Dont like it or her As much as i want to love this...i must i am Bored by now. Where is the horror element the msystic? There is nothing scary yet. I also hate action films i must confess What is 'neat'? As I previously wrote that “it’s looking more and more likely that The Bride will be the next monster to appear on the big screen,” that could not be any more clear than now. Universal, along with Chris Morgan and Alex Kurtzman, are definitely eyeing The Bride of Frankenstein to be the next Universal Monsters Universe film and it’s quite possible that this will be the film to open on February 15, 2019. This will be made more obvious if certain rumors of Javier Bardem’s Frankenstein’s Monster is included in a cameo in Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy. I think it will be like THE BRIDE. A new way of telling the story of the Frankenstein monster. In Van Helding he is the lead, Dracula the monster of course. Doesnt make much sense right now. Bit lets wait what they will do. Just like MALEFICENT. Sleeping Beauty was the Support story I think its a complete new story with both monsters. Frankensteins monster may be an anti hero and the Bride the evil one View all replies >