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Jim Norton not a fan The guy has a great voice! The cultist bunker in season 4.....empty? Aimless, poorly paced mess " stupid audience.." Where has melaniasmirror gone? The Biden 'me too' allegations... The flying scenes were excellent Did Biden really suggest that if a person votes for Trump they can't be black? Will there be riots and burning things down in protest if Biden wins? View all posts >


Air is gases. Gas and fluids leak through metals. For instance, normal copper water pipe will hold water just fine but if you put oil in it at the same pressure it will leak through the copper metal instantly. A pop can may hold it's pressure for a while but it's going to leak pressure over time. I listen to bits of his podcast occasionally for entertainment, but he's full of it. This is a guy who thinks mushrooms somehow open your mind to 'reality'. Fuck me. Coming here to moan and whine about people you think beneath you because they might like a movie you don't like doesn't seem like a rational use of time. I feel you. It's the twin tailoring of our incessant divisions hammered to life in 4d color my friend. Don't you get the OP's point? Harvey temperature motorhome discretion respirator battleship head blasphemy instance! It makes perfect sense! After a shower, always floss your butt crack with someone else's towel. Use your own for the rest of the drying process. I kind of wish the POS doing the recording had been the one shot instead. What a slimy instigating prick he is. You're right about it being beautiful in there tho. She died because she's stupid and arrogant. I can never keep up, where do asian americans stand in the oppression olympics these days? View all replies >