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I think the third season has been the best yet with <spoiler>the pairing of Mike and El</spoiler>. Watch it until the end. It's definitely worth investing your time. Even if you're not into 1980s nostalgia, the horror facet of the show should keep it interesting. Exactly. What an awkward situation that would be if Uncle Jesse and Joey were there just lounging around for no apparent reason. If you want to look at [i]Fuller House[/i], they had D.J.'s <spoiler>firefighter husband die in the line of duty</spoiler>. Though, it didn't have the emotional impact as when Danny's wife was killed by a drunk driver. D.J.'s <spoiler>kids are all boys, so having no father figure might not be as hard on them</spoiler> as it was with her, Stephanie, and Michelle with no mom. And Danny <spoiler>actually gets divorced to his new wife in the continuation</spoiler>. Oh yeah, if there's one thing the production crew gets right is nailing the 1980s setting. I've never seen such attention to detail for one specific era. I don't think <i>The Goldbergs</i> even comes close. Not a single damn person smokes (that I can recall) because it's on the family-oriented ABC network. They're gonna ride that nostalgia train until we're sick of it. Now with 2020 approaching, we'll have everything 1990s. Again, ABC already hopped on with shows such as <i>Schooled</i> and <i>Fresh Off the Boat</i>. Sounds about right. What I'm more shocked about is such a small town in 1980s Indiana having any homosexuals, or for that matter people even coming out of the closet during that decade. It seemed more prominent at the tail-end of the 1990s. I'm fine with it, but I'm sure some group probably complained like they did with the cigarette smoking: [url]https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/netflix-vows-curb-onscreen-smoking-stranger-things-criticism-1222797[/url] Nicknames tend to stick with you throughout your lifetime. For example, my mother has been called by a sobriquet due to a simple mispronunciation from her niece in the 1970s. To this day, my cousin still refers to her by it. Maybe she doesn't mind being called El (or hates going by Jane). No, but had relatives that served in the U.S. Military. Maybe it's just an unflattering profile pic, but I think Linda was a lot more adorable during her [i]Freaks and Geeks[/i] (1999 - 2000) days. Though I will give her credit; at least she let herself age gracefully, unlike some other Hollywood actors that need to go under the knife for the simplest wrinkle on their face. At first I wondered why she was hanging around with them after Nick bit the dust, but then I remembered this is a zombie apocalypse. It makes sense to stick around those who are close and friendly. The bigger the group the better. If I remember correctly, I think she wanted to start another community elsewhere with Nick. Of course, plans change and she had to readjust to her current situation. It's probably what I would do anyhow. Work with what you got. I wasn't really paying attention. Did Al mention they were fighting each other or alongside? I'm pretty sure the Active Army would wipe the floor with a bunch of Reservists. I'm not going to say what Elvis did was right nor defend the guy for his actions, but you have consider this was a different era. In the 1960s, it probably wasn't too uncommon. Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13-year-old cousin (once removed) in 1957. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap wrote an entire song called [i]Young Girl[/i] in 1968. David Bowie was notorious for sleeping with underage women throughout the 1970s. Maybe it was an age expectancy kind of thing back then. Regardless, somebody had to give consent for marriage. I blame the parents or guardians. View all replies >