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Cotton Weary from the <i>Scream</i> franchise, more precisely <i>Scream 3</i> (2000). No, never have. It actually looks pretty good. Even has George Clooney. Surprised I completely missed that one. Guess I don't really associate Jennifer Lopez with movies often. <i>Jack</i> (1996) as Miss Marquez, and <i>Selena (1997)</i> as Selena Quintanilla. Outside of the two, I don't think she was in anything that memorable. I consider the first three seasons and the other eight to be completely different shows with major cast changes. Lt. Col. Blake fit pretty well as the inept CO of the 4077th. He was great at comic relief, but realistically, somebody like him probably would've gotten everybody killed with his poor leadership skills. At least he was somewhat lovable. When Col. Potter took over, I was relieved. They finally had somebody competent enough to run a M*A*S*H unit. His seriousness mixed with a touch of humor worked perfectly in the later seasons. The finale almost makes you forget Blake even existed. As much as I prefer the earlier seasons, my vote would have to go to Col. Potter. Regular Army, but still knew morale was important for the troops. Regarding Radar's departure - I agree with the above responses; it was time for him to go. The dress shtick with Klinger was getting tiresome. Better he be the clerk of the unit and start taking his job a bit more seriously. Mr. Jones is the best: "Every time I come in the kitchen, you in the kitchen. In the God damn refrigerator. Eatin' up all the food. All the chitlins...all the pigs' feet...all the collard greens...all the hog maws. I wanna eat them chitlins...I like pigs' feet." "That's the beauty of it! I grab a dog, and I choke him, and I kick the sh-t out of him! All day long, my foot up a dog's ass! Just bang-bang-bang up his ass! That's my pleasure." I remember seeing his name on a few <i>House of Cards</i> (2013 - 2018) episodes. They were pretty damn good from what I remember. And <i>Batman Forever</i> (1995) was highly entertaining. <i>Clarissa Explains It All</i> (1991 - 1994). I grew up when <i>TGIF</i> was still around. I occasionally watched <i>Sabrina, the Teenage Witch</i> (1996 - 2003), but never really stuck it out until the end. • <b><i>Ray Donovan</i></b> (TV Series; 2013 - Present) • <b><i>Heat</i></b> (1995) • <b><i>Midnight Cowboy</i></b> (1969) The original <i>Bad Boys</i> (1995). Kinda fun seeing him from the big screen to the small when <i>The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air</i> (1990 - 1996) aired at the time. Nowadays, the guy is everywhere. I can't seem to find anything when searching for it on Google, other than some outdated sources. If they are going to make a fourth, then doesn't that defeat the whole "one last ride" they keep clamoring on about in the upcoming sequel? I wonder what kind of spin they'd use if they actually are in pre-production. View all replies >