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I don't know why they had to make Mr. Robot a child predator. Next to Elliot, I always looked forward to his appearances. Christian Slater knocks it out of the park. Now, the only thing I'm going to think of when he appears on-screen is, "Damn, I can't believe he molested kids." I firmly believe the writers just whipped this one out of their asses. What a cliché. I think this season has been a barrel of laughs. Usually, the later episodes have been hit-or-miss, but in this case with the completion of the 14th season, the Gang really put forth their best efforts and it shows. As for Mac being too gay...well, they could only stretch out his denial for so long. Now they have to concentrate on him overtly expressing his homosexuality. Based off of the trailers alone, it looks just as mediocre as <i>Bad Boys II</i> (2003). Martin Lawrence appears tired and worn out at this point. No matter how hard they try, it'll never come close to the original from 1995. There's something special about it that I can't quite put my finger on. <blockquote>also Bill Murray officially confirmed (was he not b4?)</blockquote> No. I believe Dan was trying his best to keep it under wraps. I'm glad the year was removed from the title, but not to keen on them calling it <i>GB: Afterlife</i>. Hopefully younger generations won't confuse it with <i>GB: Answer The Call</i> down the road. I wish they would still consider putting "III" in there assuming it's a direct continuation from the second installment. Shocking. As I stated under another topic, the ratings were faulty. The seventh episode had a 0.08/443k demographic (seasonal average of 0.10/513k). I don't think any network could reasonably justify keeping a show like this on the air. Too costly, and no advertisers would be happy with those kinds of numbers. The writing was initially subpar. The first three episodes didn't really click for me. I can see why a variety of <i>Suits</i> fans were not impressed, even though I kept on just to see how it would end. I couldn't recall any events to the backdoor pilot episode on the mother show. After a long hiatus, I'm sure some of us had forgotten certain details. It's bad when you don't know why or how a character ended up in a different setting. It seemed this show was doomed from the start. I believe Gina Torres knew this when thanking fans for watching in one of her Twitter feeds. It was a goodbye without saying it outright. I just noticed this when I watched <i>You've Got Mail</i> several months ago. I suppose Warner Bros. did a complete overhaul and decided to make it bland just like all of their other movie pages. Looks like whomever wrote the article decided to jump ship. I saw <i>The Terminator</i> (1984) on VHS in the 1990s, then the rest at theaters up until <i>Dork Fate</i> reared its ugly head. Now <i>Salvation</i> isn't at the bottom of my pile anymore. I may actually watch it again to see what I hated about it, but I don't expect it to be worse than the sixth pitiful installment. It actually turned out to be pretty entertaining. I like the guy they hired to play John DeLorean. It was interesting to see how certain events unfolded and gave us some insight into John's life (I knew about the car, but not much about the man himself). I definitely think they could have touched upon giving us more in-depth details surrounding Mr. DeLorean, but I'll take what I can get. The rating should be a tad bit higher in my opinion. I just now heard about his passing. Sad stuff. I watched the entire <I>Friday</i> trilogy a few months ago. He was damn funny in it. I hope the fourth installment gives him a proper sendoff. I don't know how much they filmed with John. R.I.P. May you have all the chitlins in the world. I don't see why she couldn't hold on to the memories. When Jenna rewrote destiny by kissing Matt, she obviously decided to go down that path due to her experience in future events. Unfortunately, Matt's not going to have them, but the outcome is greater than what was going to take place. They can create new memories of their own as a couple. (In all honesty, I think having Matt forget about what's-her-face would benefit him more since he avoided what could have been a hasty divorce). As for her line of work...I'd like to believe she was still in the magazine business at the time, but instead of <i>Poise</i>, it was the competition, <i>Sparkle</i>. Perhaps she was treated better and actually changed her attitude now that she's with Matt. I can't see Jenna doing anything else. Maybe Matt works with her and helps out with photography. I could see both needing to be gainfully employed with such a huge house. View all replies >