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Best band ever If you don’t like his vocals Much better than Ariana Grande If you make dark metal music... Bunch of 1/10s on IMDb because Amber Heard Oh hi Mark! Does this movie have horror elements? Victoria Pedretti (Dani) What’s with all the 1/10 ratings on IMDb? I want you to know View all posts >


Not very clever at all. Fly is fantastic! A billion times better than the TWD episode this thread is about. Nah he’s right it’s a 9. Not even songs like Bark at the Moon, Waiting for Darkness and Killer of Giants? Uhm no it wasn’t. Scott Walker - The Drift Daughters - You Won’t Get What You Want Funny thing is there is a death metal band called Gojira. [url][/url] She actually looks reasonably attractive in other pictures. Schizotroll. View all replies >