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Her face is pretty meh. You are dumb because you’re judging a movie you have only seen half of. No need to remind us how dumb you are. Hard to forget. I’m a grown man and I like her music. My favorite music genres are metal, progressive rock and post-punk. She nice face, she nice titties, she greatest actress all time! How dare you speak ill of lovely Ana! I hope you shit your pants! But what exactly makes you think she hasn’t gotten over it? Star Wars fans are known to bully/harass characters/actors they don’t like, knowing that and seeing some of the comments about her on this site and others it is really hard to believe that she wasn’t bullied/harassed on social media. Why would she lie about it? It’s common sense. If people are doing it here and on other sites, then they were most likely doing it on her social media as well. View all replies >