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Relax. This is most likely just slightly more aggressive than the yearly flu. Don't fall for the hysteria. People should be far more worried by what this does to our economy, closing borders and countries down like they do now. Fair enough. I guess "midless sheep" deserves some jabs. Still think calling people 10 year olds and "stick to marvel-movies" kind of arguments are unnecessary hostile attemts at declaring intellectual superiority. Nah. Australia would be pretty much on the other side of the globe from here. Why do you think I'm an Aussie? "instead of actually discussing anything with me" - I tried, if you take a look further down here. But you rather discuss person over the movie, right? Anyway, I have to say; You rather sound like the 10 year old here mate. I am probably old enough to be your father, and believe me: I am very well aware of getting older! Without this making me like this movie any more. Am I supposed to like it more to show support to Pesci, De Niro and Pacino, just because they are closing in on 80? It's strange isn't it? Like I'm hitting a nerve or something. Have been insulted by three different posters just for saying my opinion here. I have no idea if the movie would be better if they were younger. Impossible to say really, isn't it? I have no problem with them being old in general. But old people should play roles fitting for old people. Seriously, watching De Niro trying to look young with a spring in his step mostly made me afraid that he would fall and break his hip. It just failed miserably. This just makes the whole experience feel unauthentic. I feel it affected their acting overall too. Btw I haven't watched any of these movies you mention. Actually have just heard of the Star Wars one.. What's the point of any topic discussing movies then? Calling overrated a silly word just because we have different opinions is Good for you that you enjoyed the movie. I made this topic to express my opinion and write something to get out a bit of the frustration of having wasted 3,5 hours of my life. All because I saw this because "everyone" was hailing this as some masterpiece. Thus: Overrated. Is it possible that your opinion of this movie is influenced by everyone calling it great and that it is supposed to be good because of the great director and the great actors in it? You say you enjoyed "many" scenes in this movie and that only the de-aging cgi kept it from being a 10/10. To me thats a contradiction right there. If I saw a GREAT movie adjectives like "amazing", "fantastic" and such are used to describe it, and (most of the time) no scenes are bad really - because the sum of it all is so good. For sure "I enjoyed many scenes" would be me grasping for straws when my date asked if I liked one of her favourite movies, when I didn't really like it very much. So what greatness in this snoozefest is it you think I missed? The dialogue were they use wiseguy language and looks speaks danger, which has been done to death countless times now in basically all the mafia-movies and Scorsese himself? The old wrinkled faces trying to act 50 years younger than they are ruined that for me here as well. Other things? Yep, this was just a masterpiece of a movie. Best movie I have seen in a long time, and up there in the top three (at least) of best war movies! Could very well be the best cinematography I have ever seen as well. Just stunning visuals. Yep, it really felt like a different show! And not for the better, unfortunately. Much more melodramatic. At times boring with all the relationships, family this or that. Even Amos entangled in it! Also, most of the season seemed to be filler(ish) with slow-moving local plotlines. The settler belters vs terran corporate bad guys plotline (which I guess was the main one) was not very good, with a cardboard cut caricature bad guy and the mentioned interpersonal drama ruining it. It got ok in the last two episodes with some more action, but by then it was too late. Also was sick and tired of the whole election-campaign storyline in the end. Loved the character of Avasarala in the earlier seasons, but here she just comes across weak, stupid and greedy for power, no matter what. All in all it was many character actions and happenings that didn't ring true this season, something that separates this one strongly from the first three. Also the scope of the story seemed to go from galactical to just local planet stuff. If this is true, you made a very lucky choice indeed. After rewatching GOT some time ago, I found that this moment is basically where the end started. It all went quickly downhill from there with each season being poorer than the last after that. But until then GOT had been some of the best TV ever made really. Too bad this great experience is now so tainted by the crap they did in the last season that I will probably never go back and revisit it again. View all replies >