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Not a lot of communication skills on MC. Tommy is sleeping it off. Duh. Hence. Someone once said something like, “Walt Disney’s genius was that he knew there is very little adult in a child, but there is a LOT of child in an adult.” Absent that core vision and implicit mission statement, Disney would be just another media company today. No one. The literate, correct, phrase, is “back in the old days,” which makes sense. “Back in the day” is incoherent. Back in WHAT day? Eschew ghetto linguistics. Amen. Consistent with his screen persona. I’ve always liked him. OP, Did you even watch the movie? The death game happened only twice among the collective generations in the movie. Twice is NOT ALWAYS. The opportunity the movie missed was to show that the deck handed to Grace ONLY was stacked with Hide And Seek options, because the family HATED her goodness. That 1 shot would have elevated this film. Still really good, though. Weaving is a revelation. ^ This. Their deaths mainly showed what an asshole the coked-up jet set family member bimbo was in killing people unconnected to the curse. The maid who basically killed herself in the dumbwaiter after ratting out Grace to the Satanic family got what she deserved from The Lord. Good to see you, my friend, but not surprised to find you here. I like her quote about raising one’s children! I have long thought that she was a significantly better person than either of her husbands. She did what she had to do for the good of her children. What grace and character she had! View all replies >