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It’s Projectile Vomiting Time The Precursor of Gina Carano, Back in the Old Days Series Premier This Sunday At 9PM The Guy Was So Awesome He Even Made The Batman TV Theme SIZZLE How Do You Brits Put Up With Sky Sports’ David Croft? She’s Not Amounted To Much, And I Don’t Care Queen soundtrack for Flash Gordon on The Flash 6.1 “I spent the summer rubbing Rolexes with the wealthy elite.” If You Want A Terrible Movie That’s Still A Lot Of Fun, Watch This Why Is It Hard To Go Wrong With A Scene Of People Dancing? View all posts >


Lucifer knew who Johnny was all along. He was torturing Johnny to get HIM to remember who he truly was. The birth of the demon baby at the end, the fruit of Johnny’s literally damned incest, was the final torture. In other words, they’re not movie stars. Consider the possibility that movie fans may not know them. Autumn TV shows used to start right after Labor Day. They also had 26 episodes. Now it’s like, All Hallow’s Eve is the second-biggest holiday after Christmas, so let’s start the season then and rake in the ad revenue. I SO prefer premium cable over broadcast. They came to Boston, Darlin’, my proudly adopted home; and our city is the better for it. I like Amy Adams, but I will do Anette O’Toole (what an appropriate family name) in her prime over Amy Adams in a New York minute—extended into a Mexican hour. Double post, somehow. Am I in The Twilight Zone? Is that the signpost, up ahead? It does. It’s a drug, not a beverage. That’s how I perceive it, and use it. Caffeine is a drug. I use it in athletic training. Period. It’s a means to an end, the release of adrenaline. Booze also tastes like crap. Alcohol is another drug. We agree, amigo. I was mocking the OP for not knowing the difference between “chock” and “chalked.” Chock Full O’ Nuts (“the Heavenly coffee,” according to the jingle) was a popular brand of caffeine years ago. “Chock” means “brimming.” “Chalked” means “has a lot of chalk on it.” I prefer Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. She’s much hotter and funnier; also, smarter. Cassandra Peterson. Yum. Do you enjoy Chalked Full O’ Nuts coffee? She’s in this season. View all replies >