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No. Don’t buy it. She has not been in 1 fucking theatrical movie. And, uh, family names are capitalized. Kinda wonder how worthy your blood is worth. Quick: name me 1 current good-looking Hollywood female REAL fighter (e.g., Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock) who is not Gina Carano. It’s a fair question. I’m curious: If you are not sure, why not put the topic in the most cautious place, which would be Politics? It couldn’t be that you wanted the larger audience, could it; or that you wanted quietly to try to erode the ban on public political bullshit in the General Discussion area of an ENTERTAINMENT forum? Mercy, no. ‘Course not. T’answer your allegedly serious question, I agree with the answer of Lincoln, but LBJ had one hell of a hard row to hoe by inheriting a head-blown-off president and the Vietnam War. You seriously need to ask this? Do you live in a cave? Copycat Silence of the Lambs Hannibal I agree with you, my friend, but not with the OP; but you are one hell of a lot deeper than the OP. CUT-RATE fantasy is bad. Mea culpa: I love the English Romantic poets. I believe that Fantasy has always been the most popular genre, including Mozart‘s The Magic Flute, Wagner‘s Twilight of the Gods, The Lyrical Ballads, The Golden Bough, Man Myth and Magic, The Occult: A History, the words of Dion Fortune, Anton le Vey and George Gerdgueff. Science fiction appeals to our intellect: “What if?” Fantasy touches our hearts and souls: “This IS! What do we do with it?” Fantasy is immortal. And your alleged evidence that fantasy films are no more would be, what? We have Maleficent, Mistress of Evil. We have His Dark Materials HBO series. You choose 2 movies, one of them 14 years old, the other 13 years old, and claim they “single-handedly” killed the fantasy movie genre. It’s pretty hard for a duo to do anything single-handedly. Moreover, Wonder Woman is indisputably a fantasy movie; her powers are magical. Hell, comic book movies are are much fantasy as they are science-fiction. I submit that Aquaman is fantasy. The “science” behind them is crap. That jackass Stan Lee went on record as saying that he relied on mutation in his comics because he was too lazy (read: stupid) to concoct a better reason. Stick with Quentin. There is more to Fantasy and Faerie (look it up) than sword and sorcery, and wands and wizards. Not for nothing , ABC/Disney had a very successful 7-year series run with Once Upon A Time, which began 2 years before Eragon and ran till 2018. I admit that it really should have ended in 2017. Yeah, ‘cause videotape is such a modern medium. I think that it is odd that you can not write a complete headline for your fucking topic. By the way, and not for nothing, except to show your complete verbal ignorance, The Chicago Manual of Style states that there ARE NO apostrophes in written decade references; thus, the decade of the 1990s, which began in 1991, is the decade of the 90s. Can’t countenance ignorance. Re Phil Dick: he’s like the Jane Austin of the science-fiction movie business, with umpteen films filching from his work. One of them is, oh, just another little movie turned Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep). Man was amazing. When the day comes—and it will—that technosex is cheap, easy and accepted as being “not fucked up”—this site will be getting one-third the posts that it is now. A link is not a post. View all replies >