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Lori Madison SPOILERS Episode 1.4: About As Vile As Network Is Able To Get Yancy Butler, Mark Decascos, Vampires AND Werewolves?! All Hail The Glittering Celestial Event✨ The Michelangelo Of Fantasy Illustration And The Reason Tong Po Wasn’t Arrested, Tried and Convicted For Murder Was? It’s Projectile Vomiting Time The Precursor of Gina Carano, Back in the Old Days Series Premier This Sunday At 9PM The Guy Was So Awesome He Even Made The Batman TV Theme SIZZLE View all posts >


The English of his time is the English of OUR time. It’s called Modern English, and not, say, Middle English. Yes, MJF was a really good poster who deleted his account. Does anyone really give a rat’s patoot who catered the shoot, tutored the child actors, drove a truck, posted the freaking completion bond or scratched the leading lady’s ass? Maybe their mothers, but NO ONE ELSE. End credits used to be like 30 seconds, and they made sense. They became freaking stupid long ago. One of the many benefits of home theater: fast-forward through the credits and punch PLAY if anything worthwhile shows up: Jackie Chan out-takes, deleted scenes of background girls’ casting couch auditions, etc. So you have a shot. And yet, deleted waste of time and I cognition, I just watched it for roughly the 10th time and loved it. Enjoy your much-deserved self-deletion. The comet is busy navigating the cosmos. It returns in 2062. The sparkling event might be called a signature of the comet’s presence in our solar system as it soared through in 1986. It was the father of the meteor shower. You are most welcome. The power and beauty of nature humbles all of us humans. I just watched the premiere and am checking in here to see the concensus, which is somewhat lacking. SPOILERS I was pretty sure Don Johnson was not going to survive the first ep. Goodness! Louis Gosset Jr. is so old! I do not believe that Regina King in reality can beat up anything other than an Omelette. I didn’t enjoy the movie and don’t recall much of it, but didn’t think it was about a Race War, which the show seems to be. Also, that asshole Nixon cannot be vilified too much. What a disgrace to the US. The imagery, music and production values were all very good, or better. I’m not as immediately invested as I was with Game of Thrones, Banshee, Big Little Lies or Counterpart, but I’ll keep watching. I could not possibly care less how congruent this show is with the comic books. I had a girlfriend who corresponded with Vincent via snail mail, long before the internet. He had a great sense of humor (think of his work in Michael Jackson’s GROUNDBREAKING music video for Thriller) and was a very serious gourmet. She and he traded recipes all the time. He was a class act. Then you left just before the explicit full-frontal orgy scene with wolf men and vamp women. Pity. It made Caligula look like a Disney movie. View all replies >