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All of them. Sin City. Who does Madonna dick? Madonna dicks Tracy. Speaking of sheep . . . Oh! The Irony! ^This, squared! Then bend over and spread. Thinking? I get what you’re saying, though. He clearly does not understand the division of labor on a retail sales floor. Getting merch out and SELLING IT is much more important than shagging shopping carts. You’re not gonna ask the same person to do both. At least, you shouldn’t. Does the cotton candy go up your ass, too? Haven’t you noticed that genius is ALWAYS simple. It’s fucking stupidity that is convoluted as hell. Witness government. It’s not true ANYWHERE. And these are our “leaders”?! No. That’s like saying a state-class runner deserves an Olympic gold medal. VERY good movie. Not an Earth-shattering performance. Sheesh. Hyperbole much? View all replies >