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And this is on neither the Oprah nor the Weinstein board why? Play Misty for Me The Gauntlet Sudden Impact Pale Rider The Bridges of Madison County There are plenty of recipes that you can just throw into a crock pot with very minimal preparation. I've got some Chinese-inspired chili chicken thighs simmering in a sweet savory sauce. These guys and Vinegar Syndrome have become my go-to for cult film restorations. Some of Severin's releases are absolutely breathtaking. Some picks from my collection: Hardware - Kind of a futuristic Mad Max-meets-Terminator with heavy cyberpunk influences. The Stunt Man - Absolutely stellar character-based action movie. Snuff Box - A fun offbeat British sketch show. Things - Charmingly shoddy in a student film vein. Santa Sangre - It's Jodorowsky, so you know it's certified insane. Lost Soul - Fascinating documentary about the unbelievable antics surrounding the Marlon Brando Island of Dr. Moreau production. What? - Polanski at his loosest. Threads - Harrowing British film about a realistically-imagined nuclear cataclysm. Masked Mutilator - Quite possibly the greatest tongue in cheek pro wrestling slasher flick of all time. The Boys Next Door - Pretty solid '80s crime thriller starring a young Charlie Sheen. Skinner - An all-time five bagger. Ted Raimi leads as a psychotic serial killer with one of the most random casts ever assembled, including Traci Lords, Ricki Lake and Richard Schiff. The remastering work on this release is nothing short of amazing and puts the original slapdash DVD release to shame. If you check out anything from this list, Skinner should be first in line. The Western Bacon ain't too shabby. I'm partial to the fried zucchini as well. If you haven't seen it already, Episode 14 of season 3 is where Homer and Lisa form Daddy-Daughter day. It's just one episode in a uniformly great season. Remember Me (2010) Right-o! I've been hintin' ya for over two hours, ya creep! View all replies >