Destinata's Replies

"Demented" means insane. It doesn't have anything to do with dementia. Try to convince the next person it was a typo. 🤣 Good grief! Takei is an egocentric, self-involved, prima donna. Oh -- he doesn't want Shatner working his side of the street. I get it. He's got to be what he is. And if he could just grow up, he wouldn't be that cartoon character that he is. I think you should get your money back on your education, kid. You obviously don't know what a fascist is. Karma is so not a beach, kid. I've seen that before. My vote is stoned out of her gourd. Ryan O'Neal did drugs, and I'm told just about the only way a person can stand to live with it is to do drugs, too. If it was a "bit," it only served to make her look stupid, so I don't see the point. I wouldn't bet on it. Trump loves to come from behind. I counted him out the first time and was wrong to do so. Don't EVER count him out. But there's something different this time. Maybe he doesn't quite have the fire in his belly. Maybe others know the Trump "formula" so he's lost some of the shine. I'm for DeSantis, and I know the people rabidly against Trump will just tell lies about him, too. Like "Don't say gay," which had nothing to do with the truth. Whether DeSantis can win is whether he can get the truth out about how he tackled problems in Florida and fixed them. Oh, yes! He was a big box office star, and did some of the best swashbuckler movies made. In the clips I've seen, he seems to have more on the ball. He'd probably have as hard a time reading a teleprompter, but at least he wouldn't be in denial about it. I didn't hire him to ruin the economy. Did you? This is as bad as Piers Morgan's promo for his Fox Nation interview with RDS. Morgan said DeSantis launched a "blistering attack" on Trump, but if you got past Morgan trying to fan the few embers into a flame that he'd call a "Conflagration!!1!" you got to see mild-mannered statements like, “To me, it’s just background noise,” or "I mean you can call me whatever you want, just as long as you also call me a winner because that’s what we’ve been able to do in Florida, is put a lot of points on the board and really take this State to the next level.” Oooh, "blistering"! Folks would really like the two of them to go at it, but that's not really DeSantis's style. As he said in what Morgan described as his "blistering attack," “It’s not important for me to be fighting with people on social media." To read more of this "explosive" interview, So much better than the one with Denzel, and I like Denzel. I think Laurence Harvey was just awful, but the plot was arresting. And to answer the OP, yes, I've had Manchurian Candidate vibes about a candidate. In fact, one of the reasons I chose to watch this was because I wanted to see if the metaphor would hold up since so many people were calling him The Manchurian President. Oh, my word! Or anybody trying to make it in Biden's economy. Good for you! I brought him up because every other person I was talking to on Twitter -- sadly still the case -- is so root-hog-n-die for Trump that they're bashing DeSantis as hard as Trump is. He's been at again, today. There's a good deal of slobbering love for Trump. He's totally innocent, he's the only one who, etc. If you remember, when he first ran there were people who said some of his followers would watch him gun down their mothers at high noon on 5th Ave. in NYC, and they'd still say he's totally innocent, or the old lady had it coming. Believe me, the insanity is still out there. Haven't seen it yet? You will. Trump apologists- let's save us all some time here: You: He couldn't fire Fauci Me: He could have elevated any expert he wanted- he chose to elevate Fauci. In Oct of 2020, he praised Fauci and even gave Fauci an award as he was leaving office. You: everyone made mistakes Me: Trump says he made no mistakes You: He was surrounded by bad advisors Me: The inability to choose good advisors disqualifies you from leadership. You: The media wouldn't let him Me: You're right, he feared losing the election more than he cared about doing the right thing You: He wanted schools open Me: He gave schools covid relief funding that was not tied to opening schools. If anything it incentivized keeping them closed to get more money. You: He was anti-lockdown Me: He originated 15 days to stop the spread and hasn't apologized for it. He takes no ownership in his place in starting the lockdowns in the first place You: What about Biden/Hilary? You think they would be better?!? Me: The failures of Biden do not absolve Trump of his failures. There are more than 3 people in this world, find someone more worthy of your loyalty and adoration. Betray is a loaded word with specific meaning. The Bible always points to Judas Iscariot as the disciple who "betrayed" Christ, Peter as the disciple who "denied" Christ. I'll go with what the Bible says over your unattributed quote. One is inspired, the other is just the opinion and wording of some random guy. Wow. You can accuse Abraham Lincoln of lots of things, but being responsible for every death in the Civil War is silly. He didn't start the War. And he was right, that a house divided against itself cannot stand. He was forced into that War. "Mass murderer." Sir, you are not a serious person. Believe that Trump is totally innocent and the second biggest martyr of all time. Trumpers hate Fauci Trump could have said "You're fired!" to Fauci Trumpers don't like the shot It was developed under Trump Trumpers are anti-lockdown Trump owns "15 days to slow the spread" Trumpers hate bailouts Trump prolonged lockdowns through bailouts Christ's sacrifice is a pardon, purchased in full. You can reject a pardon. Most people reject the pardon Christ offers. There are those who say they've accepted it, but haven't. They act like they haven't, so people who reject the pardon Christ offers point to them as their reason not to believe it. They sin like any unsaved person. The few who have accepted Christ's pardon are usually dismissed as "prudes." I get called a prude all the time. Christians should get called prudes. To us, it means we don't share the values of the world. Your post reminds me of a meme I just saw tonight. Boss: So what do you do? Applicant: I'm a ghost hunter. Boss: This place isn't haunted. Applicant: You're welcome. Getting rid of ice giants or ghosts that never existed, then taking credit for it is a pretty good grift. Sin exists. Pardon for sin exists. One has to accept it, just like any other gift. Lincoln: His own cabinet plotted against him. His own people revolted against him. The Congress thought they could get at him by condemning his wife. He was always interrogated, mocked, ridiculed, slandered, and falsely accused by the press. People invited to the White House leaked stories with a negative spin on them to the press. The General of the Union Armies, McClelland, openly ridiculed him. Then he was summarily executed by someone who thought he would be hailed as a hero. Lincoln wasn't perfect, so the unfairness of being mocked, ridiculed, etc., isn't on a par with Christ, but as you can see, there are similarities. At any rate, worse than what Trump's undergone. far worse. Lincoln had a mentally fragile wife who would occasionally tear into him with a vengeance. I've heard Melania tore into Trump after the Stormy Daniels affair came to light, but he had that coming. I don't count that as "persecution." All of what you described happening to Christ was nothing compared to what happened in the three hours of darkness where the Lord was separated from the Father and our sins were put on Him, then God the Father poured out His wrath on God the Son. All the persecutions never saved anyone, Mel Gibson's theology notwithstanding. His becoming sin for us is what saves anyone who believes in that finished work. I don't consider that persecution, either -- that's salvation's work. Name the second disciple who betrayed Christ. Every Sunday school child knows about Judas Iscariot, but you know of another. Do tell. Please list Christ's persecutions that were NOT torture, other than the Pharisees arguing with Him -- sort of like spending time on social media, when you think about it. But you were talking about PERSECUTIONS not TORTURES, so do list them. I'll wait. Oh -- while we're waiting, badly educated people have no idea how persecuted Abraham Lincoln was by the papers of the day. He was called "The Original Gorilla," and they all second-guessed his handling of the War. They even tore apart his Gettysburg Address -- a masterpiece of writing -- but people considered it too short and too common. And, of course, half the country hated his guts. But hey. Trump has it worse.