Destinata's Replies

🙄 I think one of the reasons she's fallen so far so hard is that she has this "nice" persona that apparently she'd affect. She was known for it -- we may disagree about whether or not she's funny, but she did seem nice. Now even that perception has gone. I read something this morning about how she had all these Hollywood types that supposedly were best friends with her, but now they're nowhere to be found. Even Hollywood knows that the liberal mob will suddenly turn and destroy you like piranha. It depends. As I said, one of my favorites on Twitter was GayPatriot. Sadly, he started doing the, "Look at me, I'm so gay. I'm obsessed with images of penises!" And understand, his was supposed to be a political account. His husband isn't that way at all. His is a political account. I since met another guy on Twitter who attracted my attention with a post saying that if you're a Christian, it's not about color, it's about Christ. I settled in to get some solid theological posts, and every single one was about -- you guessed it -- race. You want to be equal on the Internet or in discussions anywhere else? Simply talk about ideas, facts, food, literature, current events. He spied on a lot of people, just like Obama. He weaponized the FBI. He used it to coerce Presidents into keeping him around, even though the Mafia had him by the shorts. Hoover was not a good guy. Exactly! Hard to believe he didn't win an Academy Award for that. Arabs are considered Semites; Jews are considered Semites. From Wikipedia: "The children of Shem were Elam, Ashur, Arphaxad, Lud and Aram, in addition to daughters. Abraham, the patriarch of the Hebrews and Arabs, was one of the descendants of Arphaxad. Islamic literature describes Shem as one of the believing sons of Noah." Isaac, the "son of the promise," was Abraham's son by Sarah. Ishmael was Abraham's son by Hagar, Sarah's maid. But back to the original question, Jesus would have had much darker skin and hair, and His hair would have been short, in keeping with Jewish custom. Only those who'd taken the vow of the Nazarite let their hair grow long, ala Samson. I naturally disagree with that, but even if you take just seven of the epistles, you've got a lot. Plus most of what was written about Paul was written by Dr. Luke. I'm sure you'll tell me that was written by someone else, too. That's okay. Believe what you want. That's what Free Will is for. Modern Christianity, as she is usually practiced in America, is like the worst of pop culture mixed with Christian-ish platitudes. It's a country club with a few Christian overtones and meetings on Sunday mornings that are like rock concerts. Since it bears little resemblance to the Christianity described by Christ, Paul and the other Apostles in the Bible, they spiritualize a lot, and explain away the rest with, "That was then, this is now." And apparently there isn't a seminary that teaches from a C.I. Scoffield Bible, so they get Law and Grace hopelessly mixed. I was a BIG Elton John fan back in the day (I graduated to Billy Joel's more grown-up lyrics), and I'm not going to watch this movie precisely because I was a fan. Young people don't know, but at the time he was the biggest rock star on planet earth. His performances were electric, even when he was drunk and stoned off his gourd. Before he was 28, he'd forgotten more than most of the newer acts would ever know about performing. So what will this actor do? A near-beer performance. These kinds of movies are for people who don't really like the artist much or haven't really followed them. Or, maybe, only know the old Elton, who's but a shadow of his former self. I'd prefer to plug into "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" and enjoy the real Elton's voice and music. But that's just me. There's gobs in the Bible. He studied under Gamaliel, was a strict Pharisee, tribe of Benjamin, I believe, and had all kinds of hair-raising adventures! And besides, they were big on the Crusades, where they killed Arabs and Jews. Did IMDb have a "Jesus Christ" board? They had a Philosophy and Religion board after The Passion of the Christ board had its famous "purge," but I didn't know they had a "Jesus Christ" board. And why would that actor look like a painting? If it's anything, it'd be a documentary. And confusing "Nazarene" and "Nazarite" would show you the quality of the documentary, if that's what it is.... Semitic race, you mean. Both count Abraham as their common ancestor. "Of course Shirley is going to be in denial re his sexuality. This denial is what made lots of people have issues. They were shut out of society.... Shirley could not publicly identify himself as a gay man." A gay man who has an ex-wife and is saying his being on tour was what broke up his marriage is a gay man in denial to more than just the general public. It went without saying that he had to be closeted back then, but if he knew he was gay, his wife was either a "beard" -- knowingly, which must have had monetary compensations; or unknowingly, which is despicable -- or he was trying to lie to himself. Or maybe when he had the wife he was just really conflicted and didn't know how he felt. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Since Dr. Shirley is gone, we likely will never know. But again, he obviously had to be as closeted as Caesar Romero back then. They were usually called "confirmed bachelors" once upon a time, and folks just assumed they discretely had affairs -- also something one didn't used to announce to the public. Frank Sinatra got arrested for adultery long, long ago. So Shirley could have easily never gotten married, and no one would have thought a thing of it -- except maybe his family, who seemed to have some hang-ups about him. They're probably the reason he got married. And that would still leave the question open as to whether he was honest with himself and the lady, hoped to find happiness with her, or just used her as a "beard." No, he didn't. But he did write most of the Church Epistles, telling people how to organize Christian churches, behave in them, and how to behave in their daily lives. The churches that pay attention to that are loosely termed "New Testament Churches" because they are organized according to New Testament principles. I had a friend who'd had stage 4 lung cancer and beat it. In fact, he had an argument with a doctor treating him for something else who told him there was no way he'd had stage 4 lung cancer. I met him on the old IMDb site. I just say this to point out that it can be done. As I said, "The Dude" is just like our friend Dennis who got that way through too many drugs for too long and leaving some of his brains on a highway in California. He was a drug burnout, and knew it. He wound up in Narcotics Anonymous. I read a synopsis that called Lebowski a "slacker," which is another term for lazy drug-bum, but the, like, you know, space cadet manner of speech is typical of what we used to call "drug burnouts." It's not so much a matter of perspective as it is a generational thing. This was for the Boomer generation. Younger people probably have different terms for folks who fried a lot of their synapses with pot and psychedelics and were always "between gigs." BTW, the hippie Jesus is a left-wing/liberal/progressive thing. A knowledgable person can start with the "Nazarene" vs. "Nazarite" problem and just go on all day about what's wrong with that take. When my husband and I first watched this movie, we fell all over each other laughing because -- other than the New Age mumbo-jumbo -- The Dude was exactly like our friend Dennis. Dennis was that way because of a lifetime of drug use and that time he crashed his motorcycle and wound up with a steel plate in his head and a great story with the punchline, " I know I actually have brains because I've seen them." Okay. I take your point. Plausible. I suppose it's fun if you think drug burnt-out losers are fun.